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Ms Ang Huey Chia
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 Ms Teng Yue Ting   

According to the Singapore Scout Association’s (SSA) website, “Scouting is a movement of self-education for young people.” In Concord Primary School, the CCA aims to “provide a group environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically vital and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic need to face and overcome challenges” (SSA, 2013). 

Activities conducted during the CCA are developed to inject, not only a sense of fun and enthusiasm, but also as a way to impress good values and habits that the school would like its students to possess. Some of these activities include camping, outdoor cooking, volunteering and completing the requirements of the various proficiency badges. 


We had our annual Combined Uniform Group Camp at the Singapore Zoo from 9 to 10 October 2015. The boys were very excited to have a sleepover at the zoo. They had a chance to visit the restricted areas and had a few close-up encounters with some animals, such as the Madagascan hissing cockroach and the reticulated python. We are definitely looking forward to a more exciting camping experience in 2016! 

2 donation drives are held yearly. The boys managed to collect $1310 for Job Week 2015 and $1785 for Donation Draw 2015. We collected a total of $3095 for the two donation drives, the largest amount we have collected so far! Great job to all the boys who had participated in the donation drives actively and willingly. 

On 29 August 2015, we took part in the District Games Day. We put up a strong fight and did our school proud by being champions in several individual and team events. Congratulations, boys! 

On 28 February 2015, we participated in the Founder’s Day Rally. We emerged first in the logo recycling competition. We hope to achieve even better results in this year’s World Scout Day to be held on 20 February 2016. Stay tuned for the updates! 

We completed several proficiency badges in 2015 such as the Scientist, Civics and Young Aviator. We hope to collect more badges in 2016! 

1. Distinguished Service Chief Scout's Commendation Award


2. Enjoying some games and cheering each other on