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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

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Mdm Yap Huie Yuan (covering)
Department Members
Miss Kanmani d/o Mariyappan
Mdm Santhi d/o Lembodharan P
Miss Heng Chwee Hong
Mdm Siti Aishah Bte HussainMdm Seow Siew MeiMdm Lau Huizhen
Mr Yow Jit Sin (AED/LBS)Mdm Irwany Kartika (AED/LBS)Miss Nurul Syuadah


The mission of the department is to nurture Concordians to become morally upright and socially responsible citizens with cross-cultural awareness in a globalised world. The department reiterates the mission to the students through the infusion of Core Values, 21 st CC and SE competencies. The 5C outcomes of the department reiterate the importance of nurturing Concordians in an increasingly complex and globalised world. Through the various supporting structures and processes, a Concordian learns to be a CARING LEADER, a COMMITTED CITIZEN, a CREATIVE THINKER, a CIVIC-MINDED person and an individual who possess CROSS-CULTURAL AWARENESS. 

Department's Highlights:

5C booklet: The 5C booklet is a six year testimony of every Concordian who is educated in Values Education in Concord Primary School. The booklet captures the seen and unseen moments in the lives of every Concordian as they strive to be students with Good Character. During their 6 years in Concord Primary School, every Concordian will undergo carefully planned quality experiences to help them become Civic-Minded, Caring Leaders, Committed Citizens, Creative Thinkers and Cross-Culturally Aware. 

CCE@Concord Exploria: The programme is based on learning experiences designed for students in relation to CCE using LJs as a platform. ICT has been incorporated for a paperless LJ, providing an enhanced level of engagement for the students. Resources are adapted to meet to the needs of experiential learning and reflections have been infused into the activities as well. 

Internationalisation Programme (TIE + Hosting + IS): Interacting with children beyond Singapore is an excellent opportunity for character building and each year, Concordians are given the chance to be exposed to the global environment and to become culturally savvy. Through our Internalisation programme, our students have been hosting children from Beijing and Jakarta. The school also taps on its International students to share with their Singaporean schoolmates through the Buddy to Buddy pledge programme which provides engagement activities for the IS and their Singaporean buddies. The programme also includes the use of activity cards and a special learning journey. 

Chunks of Character through TALE: To increase our students’ self-esteem and self-efficacy, our students are given an opportunity to speak to their peers. Every week, selected students are chosen to reflect on their journey towards a Concordian of good character and share their thoughts and learning experiences through various modes of presentations in the hall during pre-assembly. 

HARMONY (Pre-assembly & Assembly Programmes): The celebration of the 4 core NE events in the school is a highlight to all Concordians. Each year, the theme for the different celebrations are emphasised and activities and assembly programmes planned accordingly to engage the students and help them realise the importance of the 4 core events. The events are Total Defence Day, International Friendship day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day. The Pre-assembly programmes in the school provide an opportunity for students to be engaged and attain useful information about different cultures, festivals and even spread goodwill messages to their peers. 

Thumbs up! VIA: The Thumbs Up! initiative is an innovative way adopted by the school to encourage students to put into practice core values that they have internalised. Every student will be given a VIA card which allows parents and teachers to involved as well. The Thumbs Up! Actionable behaviours enable Concordians to internalise and apply essential values in their daily lives through routines and the practice of good behaviours.