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English Language

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Mdm Siti Rianawati Bte S A Shukor
Department Members
Ms Maslina Bte Nis Bee
LH English Language
Mdm Zarinah Binte Zainal
LH English Language
Mrs Anne Raymond
Lead Teacher
 Norhariaty Bte Mohd Ismail
Senior Teacher, English Language
 Mdm Noorlaily Bte Jupri
Senior Teacher, Educational Support
Miss Ker Leng Leng 
 Ms Zaneth Mohd KassimMs Ong Kwee Bee Mdm Vijayletchumi d/o Periasamy 
Mdm Ruth Chong
Mdm Lena Chua
Mdm Christy Koh
Mdm Santhi d/o SeenavasanMdm Padma Subramaniam (AED)
Mdm Magdalein Goh (AJT)
Mdm Mardiana Abdul Manap (AJT)


Passionate Learners of the English Language.


To nurture Concordians to be engaged listeners, passionate and avid readers, effective speakers and writers of Standard English.

Department's Highlights:

The English department is committed in ensuring that our students grow up to be confident and competent users of the English Language.

We focus on the acquisition of the 4 key English Language skills of  reading  listening  speaking  and  writing  .

The school has an extensive Reading Programme for the different levels.
  • The “Buddy Reading Programme” is meant for weak readers in P1 and P2.
  • FAS students are helped in their reading through the “KidsRead” programme run by a trained PSG member.

Aside from that, our students reading are enhanced through the “Reading Beyond the Textbook” Programme.
  • Selected P6 classes are reading “Straits Times - Little Red Dot” newspapers and and “What’s Up” newspapers.
  • All P4-P6 students are reading the “What’s Up” magazines.
  • Termly book sale for exposure to various book genres.

Listening & Speaking
Students will be exposed to a variety of listening texts, encouraged to speak confidently by the EL teachers in the classroom.
The school has embarked on 2 main strategies for Oral Communication – ACE for Reading Aloud & TREES for Stimulus-Based Conversation.

ACE Strategy
A – Appropriate Pauses
C – Clear Pronunciation
E - Expression
TREES Strategy
T – Thoughts
R – Reasons
E – Examples
E – Experiences
S – Suggestions

Students are taught various writing styles in class. The usage of questioning techniques in writing is one of the key areas of focus for teachers during writing lessons.

Aside from that, ICT skills and tools are incorporated in the teaching and learning of the English Language too.

EL Accolades
We encourage our students to take part in zonal and/or national competition to hone their skills in English Language. The competitions earmarked for the students are the “National Scrabble Competition”, “SRHB-The Straits Times National Spelling Championship” and Cluster Debate.

6th Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition
Concord Primary took part in the 6th Super Zonal Schools Scrabble Competition.

Super Zonal Champion, Senior Team.JPG

Our S1 team, comprising of Nur Lyana Aniqa, P5F, Kang Jeong Wook, P5D and R Meneha, P5D, was the overall champion for the Senior Division.

Best Junior Player from Concord, Yukiko.JPG
Yamano Yukiko, P4F, was awarded Concord Primary School's Best Junior Player.

Best Senior Player from Concord, R Meneha P5D.jpg
R Meneha, P5D, was awarded Concord Primary School's Best Senior Player.

Junior Div - Merit Award.JPG

Our J2 team, comprising of Wong Jaak Yuk, 4E, Chua Xin Ying, P4F, and J Shanmita, 3E, came in 3rd in the West Zone category.

Senior  Div - Merit Award.png

Our S3 team, comprising of  Nicholas Teng Tian Ler, 5F ,Joshua Tan Ze En, 5E, and Chong Jia Chen Kayven, 5D,  won the Merit Award in the West Zone Division.

Slide1.JPG Slide2.JPG

P6 Cluster Debate

IMG-20161027-WA0002.jpg IMG-20161027-WA0004.jpg

Kyaw Lin Thant, Tu Jia Min, Senthilkumaran Shruteekha and Aloysius Chan from P6D took part in the Cluster Debate on 27 October 2016 proposing the motion "Sports and Games are as important as studies"