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Mother Tongue Language

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Mrs Leow-Ling Mee Nam
Department Members
Mdm Noraza Surani
SH Malay Languagle
Mrs Thanaletchimi Ganeson
Senior Teacher, Tamil Language
Mdm Toh Li Hiong
School Staff Developer
Loh Sock Yee
Senior Teacher, Chinese Language 
 Mdm Nor Hayati SalimikMdm Nurfirdawati Iryani Abdullah (ML)
Mdm Tan Hoon Nee (CL)Mdm Chua Bee Khee (CL)
Miss Huang Kaixin (CL)
Mdm Ji Xiao Yi (CL)
Mdm Yuan Huiling (CL)
Mdm Ng Hui Leng (CL)
Mdm Junaidah Amran (ML)
Miss Ang Si WenMiss Nurul Sakinah (ML)
Mdm Siti Mariam Mohd Amin (ML/AJT)
Mdm Tin Shu Yee (CL/AJT)


Concordians will love and feel proud of their chosen Mother Tongue language. 


  • To make Mother Tongue a “living” language.
  • To develop a lifelong interest in Mother Tongue language and its culture.
  • To inculcate cross-cultural understanding among the students of the different races.

Department's Highlights:

Customised Curriculum

In line with our school's vision as well as to ensure that Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) remain effective and relevant with the changing language environment within homes and in the community, the school has customised its Mother Tongue Languages lesson delivery according to the progress levels of our students. Teaching and learning is customised according to students’ language mastery. Language and oral skills are taught progressively from Primary 1. The students are taught using a series of writing exercises prescribed in Writing Packages developed by the MTL teachers during the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) sessions.

Learning by Questioning

The MTL teachers are constantly reviewing our strategies used in the classroom to teach composition and comprehension more effectively. Our teachers apply skills acquired through workshops on Learning By Questioning in the building of the skills-based Comprehension Package. Learning by questioning is also used regularly during lessons, where students are given opportunities to read and asked to predict, analyse and link what they have learnt to their experiences to provide an authentic reading experience

Learning by Interacting

MTL teachers leverage on technologies to bring about engaged learning. For example, lessons are brought to life by using the Interactive Whiteboard and netbooks in the classroom. To encourage Concordians to become self-directed learners, the teaching of oral skills is aided with the use of MP4 and iPads where appropriate. Students are able to record their reading with the use of MP4 players or iPads. The students are also given simplified rubrics and are guided to practice self- and peer-evaluation of the recorded readings. The rubrics enable our students to know their current mastery level and chart their personal progress to the next level.

Values Education

To ensure that holistic education takes place in MTL classes, values are reinforced during MTL lessons. Teachers will seize teachable moments as well as link the texts with the core values of the school to build and reinforce positive character/values. Mother Tongue Fortnight is also a platform where the MTL teachers infuse cultural lessons into language-based activities. Parents are also enlisted to support teaching of values such as responsibility and respect through regular updates between teachers and parents.

Our Programmes

“Yes, I Can” Programme for lower Primary

“Yes, I Can” Programme is designed to help lower Primary students bridge the literacy gap by expanding their vocabulary through reading exposure. Lessons are designed by our MTL teachers to heighten interest in the language via story sharing and language activities.

P3 MTL Speech and Drama Programme

To develop students to be confident persons who can think independently and communicate effectively, self-directed learners who seek answers for learning, active contributors who can work effectively in teams, and concerned citizens who is rooted to Singapore, we introduce the MTL Speech and Drama Programme to all Primary 3 Concordians. The programme aims to enhance students’ oratorical skills, beef up their thinking skills and confidence to express well, cultivate team spirits through group activities and a sense of awareness through discussions.

Conversational Mother Tongue Language

The objective of the Conversational Mother Tongue Language programme is to promote the learning of conversational mother tongue languages as a third language, and to help prepare our students for opportunities in a globalized world. Our Primary 3 Concordians are given the option to attend either a Conversational Mandarin or Conversational Malay Language Course. They are taught how to speak Mandarin or Malay language on conversational level, which they can then use in everyday situations to communicate with their friends of other races. Students taking Chinese language will have the opportunity to learn Basic Conversational Malay while those taking Malay language will learn Basic Conversational Mandarin. All other students will have a choice of either Conversational Malay Language or Conversational Mandarin.

Mother Tongue Fortnight and Cultural Camp

This is a two-week programme to encourage our students to use their Mother Tongue languages more pervasively. A wide-range of beyond-classroom activities is conducted during the fortnight to provide authentic situations for students to appreciate their mother tongue languages. The Mother Tongue Cultural Camp, which ties in with the Mid-Autumn Festival, aims to provide an immersive environment for our students to appreciate the Chinese culture through hands-on tasks such as guessing of lantern riddles, Chinese tea appreciation, mooncake sampling, learning about the story of Chang'e and Hou-Yi, and etc. Beside these important learning aspects, the cultural camp also reminds our students the importance of family reunion and racial harmony through the multi-cultural set-up.

Internal & External Competitions

To bring to life the notion of “learning takes place beyond classroom”, interclass competitions were held with a lively twist – learning and preparation no longer just confined to classroom but expanded beyond to allow our students to flexibly apply knowledge acquired through sensorial activities and learning journeys. This helps to motivate students and allow our zealous Concordians to channel their energies towards meaningful learning processes and outcomes, and at the same time provides a platform for them to showcase what they have learnt. >Aside from school-initiated programmes, we encourage our students to participate in external competitions to provide authentic application of their language learning, stretch their abilities, as well as build up their confidence and repertoire of experiences to face life challenges.

Chinese Calligraphy

To widen the learning of our students and to inculcate values, we have introduced the Chinese Calligraphy Exposure programme since 2012. The exposure sessions conducted by our CL teachers aim to equip our students with the knowledge of Chinese culture, and cultivate good learning habits and life values in them - focus, patience, persistence, right posture in writing and, more importantly, positive attitude towards learning.

CL Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES)

Concord Primary School is privileged to participate in this initiative by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning since 2012. CPES enables the school to expose our students to Chinese language-related performances and programmes by local and foreign professional performance bodies, to allow students to achieve beyond-classroom quality learning. We have successfully organised fully-subsidised Chinese cultural performances for our Primary 4 and Primary 5 students over the years since 2012. Students can look forward to greater exposure to quality language performance beyond classroom with the school’s active engagement and participation in CPES.

Learning to weave ketupat from our parents
First step to learning calligraphy – I know how to hold the brush!
Show time finale for our Speech & Drama learning!
An engaging learning experience: Up close and personal with nature
Learning engagement at the Harmony Loft during recess
Values of responsibility and care exemplified through fun and engaging CNY spring cleaning
Our outdoor “picnic” classroom for a refreshing change
Heritage tour is fun learning at work

For tips on how to support your children in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages, please click here.

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For tips on how to support your children in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages, please click here.