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Mdm Siti Rianawati Bte S A Shukor (covering)
Department Members
Mdm Tan Shin Ling
LH Science
Mdm Mona Lee
Senior Teacher, Science
Mdm Connie Ow
Mdm Yap Lay KoonMrs Tng Yoke YinMdm Shannon Lim
Mdm Widiah Halwa Binti Sawandi 
 Mdm Rasyidah Binte Abdul ManafMr Sebastian Chin (AED) 


To develop pupils to be curious about the world around them and even beyond and to equip them with the necessary thinking skills for Science Inquiry

Department's Highlights:

Primary COLOURS Programme is a uniquely Concordian Science programme for Primary 1 and 2 pupils. The programme is integrated with some of the Stellar themes. The programme emphasizes on the reading of non-fiction books and sustaining Youthful Science curiosity into formal Science education through hands-on activities. Pupils visit the school’s butterfly garden to learn more about the life cycle of butterflies. They conduct experiments with gigantic horseshoe magnets as they learn about magnetic materials.

Concord Inventioneering and Polaris Programme is a talent management programme aimed at maximising Science learning opportunities for pupils who have shown potential in Science. The programme focuses on both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the pupils using a mix of inquiry-based learning and problem-solving strategies. Pupils can expect to be exposed to authentic Science tasks that will be challenging and useful.

Process Skills Programme focuses on the development of pupils’ mastery of Science process skills from Primary 3 to 6. Using the core concept of Inquiry-based Learning, explicit lessons developed by our Science teachers on specific process skills are delivered each term. For example, Primary 3 pupils learn how to observe and classify while Primary 4 pupils acquire analysing and communicating skills. Primary 5 pupils are taught how to make inferences and how to interpret data. As for the Primary 6 pupils, they will learn how to evaluate an experiment and generate explanations based on the given evidence.

Authentic Tasks Learning
Experiential Learning
Primary COLOURS 1
Primary COLOURS 3