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Student Management

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Mr Muhammad Osman 
Department Members
Ms Christina Chang 
SH Student Management
Mr Chan Chok Seng
Year Head, Lower Primary
Mr Kumaran s/o Veerapandian
Year Head, Upper Primary
Mrs Sasi Santa 
Senior Teacher, Discipline
Mrs Cheng - Lee Yi Ling
Mrs Janet Chan
Mdm Jihan Binte KaharMdm Siti Weinawaty Bte Mohd SalehMdm Rajaletchumi

Department Information

The Student Management department adopts a discipline with care approach to encourage positive behaviours in all Concordians. We endeavour to provide a quality school experience for every Concordian. To enhance every child’s educational journey, we focus on the aspects of Pastoral Care, Affect, Personal Mastery, Student Leadership and Affirmation through a multitude of structured platforms.

Precious Moments, which is about Knowing, Understanding & Growing the Students beyond the academics, anchors on building and sharing valuable time with our students. The “Five Languages of Love” by Dr Gary Chapman was utilised as a base for the structured plausible modes of bonding between teacher and student. These platforms, which ranged from individual sessions to small group sessions to whole class, CCA sessions and whole school sessions, created for meaningful interactions and dignified recognition.

A whole school approach is also adopted to look into providing our students with an emotionally and physically safe learning environment so as to bring out the best in every child.

Systems and processes are established to nurture the leader in every child. Our student leadership framework supports differentiated training opportunities and platforms to discover the potential in our children. Leadership development at Concord is not only concerned with individual students’ growth, but that of their peers and juniors. Thus, a ‘Leaders growing leaders’ initiative tags each junior to a mentor so that the younger ones are guided and a wave of leadership is sustained.

In raising the self-esteem of our students, the school celebrates diverse successes achieved by them. Affirmation is a conscious effort and is the result of focused attention and sincere efforts on the part of the school that go into recognising and acknowledging our students for the effort they have made.