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Principal's Message

Mrs Wong Siew Shan
It is my privilege and honour to be appointed the fourth Principal of Concord Primary School. I would like to express my deep and sincere appreciations to Mrs Tonnine Chua, for her visionary leadership of Concord Primary School in the past six years. Together with the wonderful Concordian Team of dedicated and committed staff, she led the school on a remarkable flight which soared to greater heights each year. Concord Primary School is a good school by every measure. 

In Concord Primary School, every individual matters. We believe that every child wants to and can learn. We also believe in holistic education, centered on values and character development. Therefore, we design developmentally appropriate learning experiences to meet the diverse learning needs of our students, so that every Concordian can be an engaged learner. 

As a school, we are relentless in our mission to nurture Concordians with character and passion for learning, to face life’s challenges and be future-ready, in achieving our vision of Concordians with the hallmarks of Caring Hearts, Enriched Minds and Determined Spirits. The school leverages on the E3 (Enable, Enrich and Empower) Reasoning Programme, which is an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and the Outdoor Education (OE) Programme, which is a Learning for Life Programme (LLP), to foster the Joy of Learning in our students and develop their ‘Entrepreneurial Dare’, so that they have the confidence to learn new things and take on new challenges in their life. 

The E3 Reasoning Programme teaches Concordians to analyse, infer, draw conclusions and generate new understanding. It nurtures them to think deeply, rationalize effectively and decide wisely. It encourages them to be inquisitive in asking ‘why’ and ‘why not’, and knowing the right questions to ask, in order to identify the problems worth solving. It prepares and equips them with important 21st Century Competencies of Critical and Inventive Thinking. 

The OE Programme aims to develop Concordians to be confident, rugged and resilient leaders who demonstrate 21st Century Competencies. Students experience varied levels of challenges each year and develop ruggedness, resilience, teamwork and an appreciation of nature and their surrounding environment. 

I believe that these signature programmes, together with the academic focus of the school, are key success factors for the improvement in students’ PSLE performance across the years. However, children are natural learners and making them sit for hours in the classroom, doing endless homework; attending remedial lessons daily after school, will kill all curiosity. They will be too exhausted to be curious even if they become adept at answering examination questions!  

Therefore, we will continue to explore ways to improve our teaching, our approaches, and our programmes to ensure that every Concordian is an engaged learner. As a school, we recognise that we need to be able to tap into the affordances of ICT to complement our classroom teaching and learning to foster deeper learning in our students. Our teachers will leverage on technology to enable students to learn anytime, anywhere, individually or collaboratively, and equip them with 21st-century competencies.  

Together with my colleagues, we shall strive to engage all our Partners in Education as we continue to forge new frontiers of future opportunities. We will deepen our professional practice as we embark on the next phase of progress for Concord Primary School. 

Together we soar to greater heights! 

Mrs Wong Siew Shan