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Principal's Message


Together We Soar To Greater Heights

We begin 2020 with this great sense of excitement and anticipation, believing that our Concordians will continue to do themselves and the school proud.

We ended 2019 with our GRACE Day celebrating our students’ achievements and proud moments as well as rejoicing with our staff for pulling together for a purposeful work well done in Concord Primary School. Our theme for our GRACE Day was ‘Dare to Explore, Create and Dream’. This theme mirrors this Concord spirit of daring to explore, dream and create a lively and engaging learning environment that will enthuse our Concordians to love coming to school, to learn, to make friends and to be happy.    

While we dare to explore, create and dream, we are very much guided by our school’s vision of Caring Hearts, Enriched Minds and Determined Spirits and our school’s mission of wanting to ‘nurture Concordians with character and passion for learning to face life’s challenges. In working towards Concord’s vision and mission, we place a premium on enabling our students to be able to think, discern and make informed decisions in their learning and in life. This is best achieved through our E3 Reasoning Programme, which is the school’s Applied Leaning Programme that seeks to Enable, Enrich and Empower our students to analyse, infer, draw conclusions and generate new understanding. It is conceptualized to teach our Concordians critical thinking and inventive skills which are important 21st century skills. These skills are taught through games, group discussions and exploration within and beyond the classroom contexts.

Besides our E3 Reasoning, our Outdoor Education, which is our next distinctive programme, has been recognised by MOE as our Learning for Life Programme. This Outdoor Education Programme offers opportunities for our students to develop keen interest in outdoor activities as well as to reinforce in them the development of values and character. Our Concordians experience Rock Climbing and High Challenge Courses (HCC) within the school premises and this makes Concord very special. Such out-of-classroom experiences are well positioned to develop resilience and confidence in Concordians and the programme is very much welcomed by our parents.

This year, we will add greater vibrancy to our school programme by introducing the Modular CCA Programme and the Niche CCA Programme. These programme will impact our Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. While the Modular CCA aims to encourage mass participation in sports, performing arts and Life Skills activities, the Niche CCA Programme will engage our selected Concordians in national competitions. To ensure greater coherent and alignment, our Outdoor Education Programme will be integrated into the Modular CCA Programme. We believe that this integration will provide a greater platform for us to inculcate in our students the school values, to shape their character and to help our Concordians to discover their potential.  

As we look forward to these exciting programme to impact our students’ learning, we believe that our parents and stakeholders will continue to lend us their strong support and encouragement. In coming together and working together for the common good of our Concordians, we believe we can achieve more; and together, the Concord family can soar to greater height. 

Thank you and wishing all a purposeful 2020!