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School Safety Messages

Safety Vision

The school’s Safety Vision is “to create a safety culture for effective teaching and learning through Caring Hearts, Enriched Minds and Determined Spirits”. 

The School’s Safety Mission is “to provide a safe, accident-free environment with vigilant and caring staff and pupils, supported by efficient administrative system to support high safety standards”. 

Students are to be responsible when they study and play in the school by caring for each other. They also actively promote and ensure the safety of others through the iGIVE culture. Teachable moments are seized constantly to reiterate on being gracious and to act with integrity especially for safety even when no one is watching. Constantly reflecting upon themselves, the school encourages the students to be vibrant and enterprising in their ways in working together to ensure that the school is a safe and secured place for work and study.

With such practices in place, the school’s Vision of Caring Hearts, Enriched Minds and Determined Spirits will be achieved.

School Safety Initiatives

The school adopts a whole school approach and provides varied platforms to inculcate safety mindset in the staff and pupils (eg. Pre-assembly talks, assembly talks, Emergency Exercise, Ideas Bank etc). The Principal and Key Personnels also illustrated their safety reminders via photographs/powerpoint presentations that were shown to pupils to more vividly deliver the points with impact. 

Time is allocated and planned for the VPA to communicate the various aspects of safety procedures to the staff via Staff Meetings and Contact Time, so that such procedures can be updated to all staff regularly. Timely plans and reminders are shared and cascaded to the entire school regularly, such as the Temperature-taking exercise. Procedures are also shared and discussed to encourage the involvement of all staff, such as the attendance-taking procedure. Safety is infused via formal and informal curriculum. 

Sharing of good practices by other schools/organization is also leveraged to improve the school’s processes.

The school has identified 3 main components to help it achieve its safety vision.
  • Physical Environment
  • Processes
  • People

School Safety Framework 
a. Physical Environment 
i. Concord sets a high level of expectations on the physical environment of the school. All staff are expected to ensure that the school premises are maintained as a safe and conducive place to study and work in. 
ii. The Operation Manager has also implemented an error reporting mechanism to ensure staff report issues in organized manner, and he maintains a tight communication with the Managing Agent by the regular weekly sessions to ensure that all faults are rectified. 
iii. All school attendants were briefed on their roles as auxiliary patrol to ensure that there are no strangers loitering in the school without a valid visitor’s pass. All visitors, including term contractors, are required to exchange for a Visitor’s Pass at the guardhouse. 

b. Process 
i. All staff and students going out of school during school hours on official duties have to sign out/in to ensure that their attendance are accounted for during any emergency. 
ii. Signboards were also put up at strategic locations to remind students to “Please walk, do not run, you may hurt yourself”. Yellow lines were painted on the floor to denote different levels on the ground. 
iii. Staff are scheduled to perform ground duties at the gates during school starting and dismissal times to ensure the safety of the students. 

c. People 
The school leaders lead to develop the safety culture in the school. The Principal initiates the School Safety Committee that is led by the VPA, who also ensures that regular communication of safety is conducted.
The school has set in place a yearly review of its SOPs to ensure that they are relevant and current.
Staff are trained basic knowledge of first aid as well as firefighting procedures so that they are able to carry out the initial assistance in the event of any injury or fire emergency.
Staff are scheduled to perform duties during all recess times to ensure that students are reminded of safety issues constantly.
Fire Drills are conducted yearly to ensure that all staff are familiar with the evacuation plan. It is also to familiarise newly posted staff/students on the school emergency evacuation procedures so that they will be aware of the procedure and the location of the school’s Assembly Area, in an orderly and prompt manner.
School Safety Committee (SSC) reviews the year’s safety measures and makes refinements/improvements. The SSC takes charge of planning the safety work plan for the following year.
The school also leverages technology to ensure communication is tight for issues relating to safety, such as the use of smartphone.


All the above activities were done with the objective of inculcating a safety culture among all stakeholders of the school. 
It is the aim of the school safety committee to have all stakeholders be aware and practising safety in order for the school to be a safe and conducive environment for all staff and students to work and study. 

We hope that, with iGIVE culture, every Concordian will be gracious and work with integrity for all to create a vibrant and enterprising environment which is safe and conducive for work, study and play.

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