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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Mission Statement: 
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We develop Concordians with a strong commitment to improve the environment in our community.

Concord Primary School’s Environmental Policy:
Concord Primary School is committed to environmental education and our sustainable efforts for environmental improvement. 

Concord Primary School’s Environmental Goals: 
  • To provide an environmentally-conducive environment for teaching and learning.
  • To build and sustain Concordians’ commitment in environmental issues in accordance with our VMV.

Concord Primary School’s Environmental Efforts: 
In Concord Primary School, we are committed to the education of Concordians in environmental issues. In alignment to Concord’s VMV and iGIVE Culture, the School and its Environmental Partners provide numerous platforms for Concordians to be immersed in continuous environmental improvement. This has translated into programmes and activities that have not only positively impacted our students but our community as well. 

Every year, the school takes part in the School Greens Award and we have been affirmed for our efforts by being awarded the Prestigious Lotus Award since 2012. The school will continue to strive to educate our students to foster a sustainable future and to improve the environmental well-being of our community. 

Key strategies to achieve our environmental mission and goals: 

  • Provide a values-based education in environmental issues.
  • Active monitoring to minimise electricity and water usage.
  • Active promotion for recycling both internally and externally.
  • Collaboration with external environmental partners.
  • Maintain an environmentally-conducive environment for teaching and learning.
  • Continue to explore ways to increase our sustainable efforts for environmental improvement.