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2005 - 2011

Rita.jpg Hong-Kiang.jpg
Principal: Mrs Rita Dass
Vice Principals: Mdm Seow Hong Kiang (VP Academic), Mdm Yeow Cheng Lian (VP Admin)

Concord’s second phase of its journey took off under the leadership of the second Principal, Mrs Rita Dass, who replaced Mr Chee who had retired. Mrs Dass took the opportunity to re-envision Concord’s directions as a school with Concordians identifying the school’s 6 core values of Care, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty and Passion. This was a phase of heightened emphasis on character development. With a committed and caring staff, we charted on with “Caring Hearts, Enriched Minds, Determined Spirits”.

Leaning in on the strong achievements in Physical Fitness, Mrs Dass and her team led the school to soar higher in Sports and Aesthetics. Our dedicated teachers and pupils worked committedly yearly to clinch the Sustained Achievement Award for Physical Fitness & Aesthetics and Lotus Award for Green Audit.

This phase was also marked by several significant changes in the teaching and learning landscape. Concord took the lead in SEED and STELLAR as one of the pilot schools. Our team of committed staff spent hours learning new pedagogies and designing new programmes which gradually transformed the lower primary learning environment to become more child-centred and experiential in nature. Concord also became a resource point for SEED and STELLAR for neighbouring schools to learn from. It also embarked on Holistic Assessment as a Phase 1 school.

Habits of Mind (HOM) were established as an integral curriculum to explicitly teach Concordians thinking skills to enable them to succeed in life. For instance, pupils learnt how to pose questions and use prior knowledge to activate thinking processes and heightened understanding.

Mrs Dass restructured the staff’s learning and development processes to strengthen the staff capacity to deliver quality lessons. Concord received its People Developer Award in 2006 and was re-certified in 2010.

In 2010, Concord celebrated its 10th year anniversary with a big bang. Themed “Colours of Concord”, we celebrated how our determined spirits had taken us higher towards different peaks of excellence through CCAs and Concordians’ pursuit for academic excellence.