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2012 - 2017

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Principal: Mrs Tonnine Chua
Vice Principals: Ms Fiona Lim (VP Academic), Mr David Wang (VP Admin)

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Mrs Esther Lee (VP Academic)
2013 - 2016

Into its third wave of growth and renewal, Concord realigns its directions to national and global challenges and opportunities. Led by its third Principal, Mrs Tonnine Chua and supported by a strong team of Vice Principals, Concord charts on with a Culture of Graciousness, Integrity, Vibrancy and Enterprise (iGIVE) where every individual Concordian plays an important part to materialise the mission of “Concordians with Character and Passion for Learning to face Life’s Challenges”. The 6 school core values were also reviewed to be Care, Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty and Resilience.

Surfing the new waves of challenges, Concord delves deeper into Student-Centric and Values-Driven learning environment to provide a broad and holistic education for Concordians. Concord’s continued emphasis on Character Development was concretized via its Thumbs Up Values in Action Programme, which aims to impart the essential values in Concordians in collaboration with stakeholders such as our students’ parents.

As Concord aspires towards greater heights, Mrs Chua led the school to re-identify its two niche areas, in the forms of Applied Learning and Learning for Life Programmes (ALP), which could be leveraged to nurture its students holistically. To prepare and equip our students for the complex challenges ahead, Concord places a premium on enabling Concordians to be able to think, discern and make good decisions in life. Our ALP, E3 Reasoning Programme, is aimed to Enable, Enrich and Empower our students to acquire critical and inventive skills which are important 21st-century skills. A multitude of activities are designed to teach our students reasoning skills explicitly through game-based and scenario-based learning and exploration via a 6-year milestone plan which is mapped to guide us in nurturing our students in their reasoning development. Enriched with a set of reasoning skills, Concordians apply them in Robotics and Coding programmes to take their learning forward to realise Singapore’s SMART Nation dreams from young.

Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Outdoor Education, is designed and initiated at the end of 2012 to create awareness and promote the benefits of outdoor education for our students. The outdoor activities give students opportunities to explore and apply skills learnt and to extend their learning in an authentic environment. It also promotes holistic education by reinforcing and furthering the development of values and character. In 2013, the school the Rock Wall was built in the school premise and the Sport Climbing Programme was implemented. All students go through Sport Climbing and emerge more confident and resilient. 

In 2016, the Challenge Rope Course and Zip Line facilities were constructed, taking OE to the next level. Our dedicated team of OE teachers, who are professionally trained as instructors, work tirelessly to design quality Outdoor Education experiences for Concordians. Beyond school, Outdoor Education takes students into the sea for kayaking; into the forest for survival skills such as navigation and tent-pitching skills. Such out of the classroom experiences instil a sense of ruggedness, resilience, confidence and a heightened sense of appreciation and awareness for the environment in our students.

In 2014, Concord’s E3 Reasoning and Outdoor Education programmes have been officially approved by MOE and awarded the ALP and LLP funding. This is a strong testimony of MOE’s affirmation in Concord’s programmes and efforts in nurturing our students holistically.

Academically, Concordians gradually showed their mettle under the dedicated guidance of the teachers to achieve improving PSLE results. With a steady increase of students who are eligible for the Express Stream in secondary schools, all our standard subjects surged above the national average in the 2016 PSLE results. Beyond the academic realm, Concordians continue to thrive in the 2016 SYF Competitions. Our Choir and Indian Dance were affirmed with Certificates of Distinction while our International Dance and School Band clinched the Certificate of Accomplishment. Concord continues to persevere in our environmental efforts and achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award for Green Audit again.

In Concord’s 17th year in 2017, Concord saw the completion of all its PERI upgrading. With the new Indoor Sports Hall, basketball court and the new library, The Quest, Concord continued to provide a conducive environment to develop our students to be confident, upright and resilient individuals who possess the ability to face the future challenges and the commitment to contribute selflessly to the school and society. The year ended with a historic bang when, for the first time in Concord’s history, all Primary six students transited to secondary schools.