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Our School Song

Together We Soar to Greater Heights
Music and Lyrics by Loo Teng Kiat

(Verse 1)
Concord Primary is our school, we love her
We work in harmony close together
Respect and we care for all with our hearts
You can count on us

We'll take on the world with love and flair
Responsible words and thoughts we'll share
Resounding in laughter everywhere

Staying true to this land we call home
Our hearts will beat as one
Staying true to our dreams, our hopes
We'll strive for success; we will show you our best

(Verse 2)
With caring hearts we will love each other
Enrich our minds as we grow together
No matter what colour cos' you are my friend
And I'd call you my brother

Let's reach for the sky
With our determined spirits high
Together we soar to greater heights