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P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2019

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The P5 outdoor adventure camp for this year was a success, mainly because of the help of the many individuals in this Concord Family.  As a tight-knit, cooperative team, we managed six classes with a total of 230 students with varying needs.

The camp was conducted by MOE-approved instructors from Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group.  The children learned a lot about the importance of resilience and team effort in order to get things done through various activities such as Adventure Trail, Challenge Rope Course, Zipline, Rock Climbing, Abseiling and Campfire Performance.

During the process, students started by going through framing, where they were introduced to a role-play sketch in which they are villagers, working together to stop the destruction of their village through understanding the importance of having a positive attitude towards tasks, even those that seem insurmountable.  Focus on the objective was emphasized throughout the camp, but was seen most clearly during their “Pasar Malam” where they need to earn bonus points or use barter trade to obtain compulsory items.  Of course, luxury items and other things or people were thrown into the mix as a way of distracting the focus of the teams from their objective.  In this experiential way, the importance of planning and the power of time management were introduced.

  21st Century Skills such as financial literacy, the importance of creating, assessing and synthesizing information, communication and collaboration as well as critical thinking, creativity and innovation were practiced.  The dichotomy of needs versus wants and the importance of focusing on the outcome whenever challenges were faced was addressed explicitly during discussions after the physical activities so that the students understood the ramifications of their actions on their objective.

We were blessed with good weather when it counted, so all the classes could attempt all the challenges planned for them.  Many were able to face their fears and put into practice cooperative skills that will help them as they go through life.