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Concord’s SOAR Programme

Term 1

Concord Newsletter 2020

Children's Day Celebration 2020

Concord Primary celebrated our Children's Day 2020 on 8 Oct 2020.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

The objective of the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight programme is to provide students with an immersive environment to learn and use their Mother Tongue Language in authentic settings.

CCA Mass Leadership

Concord Primary School conducted our first run of our modular leadership CCA through the use of the Zoom online video conferencing session.

Prefects Investiture

The Prefect Investiture is a ceremony that formally officiate and congratulate the appointments of the prefects.

Monthly Birthday Celebration

Every month, we will celebrate our Concordians Birthday. Click here to know more.

Earth Day Programme 2020

Let us play a part for Earth Day.

WE Stories 2020

Total Defence Day 2020

First Day of School

P1 Buddy Programme

P1 Grow Concordians Day

Chinese New Year Celebration 2020

CyberWellness Week

P4 Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore

P3 Learning Journey to Marina Barrage

MP Zaqy Mohamad thanks Concord for our gracious spirit

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