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Earth Day Programme 2020

Earth Day 2020 was on 22 April and the core message is to urge everyone to play his or her part in climate action; act now and there are many ways to save the Earth!

Concord Primary School joined in this global movement by organising an Earth Day assembly programme on 6 April to increase student's awareness of the impending threat from global warming and pollution. We also hope to inculcate a positive mindset in students that they too can help build a better living environment for all of us.

Besides teaching slides and videos, Form Teachers led their classes in the observation of Concord Primary School's own version of Earth Hour – “Concord Primary School Earth in 10”. All lights in the school were switched off to conserve electricity for a minimum of 10 minutes. In addition, each student was given an Environmental Checklist to work on and to share possible conservation actions with their family members.