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Back to School 2018

In highlight, our own Concord Daddies team on 2nd January 2018!

Law Dong Woei & son
Bala & daughter

6410e3ee-a9cd-4a1e-8fd0-5cb27f0b2655.jpgThomas with Mya & Norman
DSC00174.jpgMats with Tanya & Suzi

Aidil.jpgM. Aidil with Akmal
D051.jpgFamily of Yia Wei Qiang

D072.jpgGan Tiaw Leong with Hsien Nga and her brother
Nadyne Camellia Bte Ramdzanudin, 3A.jpegRamdzanudin with Nadyne

KK Loh.jpg
KK Loh with Jing Ceng and Jing Yeung

de798888-7d3a-43cc-a122-c165da2417e2.jpg DSC00210.jpg
Our Daddies volunteer working hard on recruitment drive with the help from some Mummies from our own PSG Group!
Thank you all for the hard work and effort!