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Sleepover 2018Q2

We are pleased to announce Concord Daddies first time ever "Sleepover in School" event!!! Daddies and children reported in school on 29th June 2018 at 5:30pm in school. Through that evening, they worked together as a team to cook their dinner - the good camping style, mass tin and burner! Together, they did the cleaning and washing. They continued the evening with games which mainly require a whole lot of teamwork followed by sing along to classic campfire songs. They then pitched their tents in the school hall and a movie time together before everyone tuning in to their tents for the night.

Morning of 30th June 2018, they woke up to simple workouts to encourage healthy lifestyle. They also get to share the experience to prepare breakfast together before proceeding on with the morning activities. They did pebble craft together and ended the morning with such joy!

It was indeed a memorable event for both daddies and children. Having the precious moments together in preparing dinner and breakfast. We hope to plant these memory in our children's mind and that they realise that we daddies will be there for them and we CAN too! On top of that, we hope they learn how important teamwork can be and how assisting others make things much better!

We look forward to organising another sleepover next year! Join us! We would love to share this experience with you!