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Administrative Matters


In preparation for your child’s entry to Primary One in 2023, please complete the following administrative tasks before the P1 Orientation Day on 18 Nov 2022.


1.     Onboard The Parents Gateway App

Please download and install the Parents Gateway app. The instructions to onboard (login for the first time) the platform can be found below.

PG 2022.jpg 

PG letter to onboard parents.pdf

Invitation to Parents Gateway.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions For Parents.pdf

PG Mobile App User Guide.pptx

All future announcements from the school will be made via Parents Gateway.


2.     Provide Additional Information for Form Teachers

Please help your child’s Form Teacher to have a better understanding of your child by providing additional information about your child via this link.


3.     Apply for GIRO

GIRO is a convenient, paperless, and cashless payment method to make hassle-free payments for your child’s school fees and standard miscellaneous fees.

Parents/guardians will be able to apply for GIRO online for payment of school fees and charges from 5 Dec 2022.  The link will be available through Parents Gateway (PG) app. Parents will have up till 15 January 2023 to sign up for GIRO for the first deduction in Feb 2023.

This new digital service is available to account holders from BOC, DBS/POSB, MAY, OCBC, SCB, HSBC and UOB for a start.


4.     Apply for EDUSAVE Account Standing Order (For Singapore Citizens only)

The Edusave account is automatically opened by MOE for all Singaporean children studying at primary or secondary level in MOE-funded schools to receive annual Edusave contributions from the Government. Parents do not need to match the contributions.


The Edusave funds can be used for:

• 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees; and

• Level–wide enrichment programmes organised by the school

We strongly encourage you to sign up to reduce the out-of-pocket educational expenses for your child/ward. Schools will continue to inform and seek your consent for your child’s/ward’s participation before the withdrawal of Edusave funds. If you subsequently decide that you do not want to use your child’s/ward’s Edusave account to co-pay for enrichment programmes, you can terminate the standing order at any time.

Please sign up for the Standing Order here. Singpass login will be required.


5.     Apply for 2023 MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

FAS Pamphlet.JPG


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-18 at 07.52.58.jpeg

Please refer to for more information regarding MOE FAS and the Financial Assistance Eligibility Checker. If you intend to apply for FAS for your child/ward,

 i. Please do NOT purchase any textbook or school attire before you are notified through the school official   letter of the outcome of your FAS application as there is strictly no refund.

 ii. Apply for FAS here. Singpass login will be required.

QR Code.png

iii.  Please do approach the school for assistance if you are unable to apply via the eFAS form.

iv.  Application via hardcopy form is required for: -

      (Hardcopy FAS forms to be obtained from the General Office)

a. families with other dependents (Great grandparents, Aunties/Uncles, Cousins and others)

b. family with more than 5 children in Government or Government-aided schools (GGAS)

c. family with more than 4 unmarried children not in GGAS

d. family with more than 3 grandparents in the household


6.     Purchase School Books and Uniform

Our Bookshop and Uniform vendors are Pacific Bookstores and Kah Huat Uniform respectively. The default mode of sales is through their online sales channels listed below. You can opt for home delivery or self collection at our school.  They will be operating in our school from 17 to 19 October 2022 between 9 am to 3 pm. You may click on this info sheet for more details. 



Uniform Vendor: 

Uniform Vendor Dates.jpg


7.    Apply for School Bus Services

Our school bus service provider is DKJ School Bus Services. Please use the link below to indicate your interest and they will contact you for more details

School Bus Vendor:  
QR Code 2.png


8.     Enrol into School-Based Student Care

Our School-based Student Care provider is Big Heart Student Care. If you would like to enrol your child with them, please complete their application form here by Sunday, 30 October 2022.

For more information, please refer to this pamphlet.


9.     Apply for POSB Smart Buddy Watch

Our school canteen and bookshop accept cashless payments via the POSB Smart Buddy watch. If you would like to register your child for a POSB Smart Buddy watch, please refer to this pamphlet for more details.

10.  Complete Student Details Form (SDF)

Parents are to submit/verify their child/ward’s particulars on the SDF Portal from end-Nov. School will provide more information once we received from MOE.