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School Information

1.  School Curriculum Hours




Arrival for Flag Raising Ceremony, National Anthem & Pledge-taking 

7.00 am - 7.30 am

Students are to report directly to their classrooms




Primary 1

1.20 pm

Gate 12

Primary  2 1.30 pm Gate 12 

Primary 3&4

1.25 pm

All Gates

 Primary 5 & 61.35 pm  All Gates

CCA will be conducted on Wednesdays during curriculum hours.

 Students selected for Niche CCAs will be informed of their CCA timing by their CCA teachers.

Visits To School

For the safety of the students and staff of the school, we seek the cooperation of parents in the following areas:

  • Unauthorised visitors are not allowed in the school.
  • Parents/Guardians entering the school must report to the Security Post to obtain a visitor pass.
  • NRIC or any other valid form of photo identification are required to exchange for a visitor pass.
  • Parents /Guardians are to immediately report to the General office upon exchange of the visitor pass.
  • Parents /Guardians should refrain from coming into school 15 minutes before or after dismissal time to facilitate school staff in carrying out dismissal duties.
  • Parents /Guardians who need to take their child / ward out of school during school hours due to urgent or official reasons are to contact the respective Form Teachers and proceed to the General Office for assistance.

3.  Student Arrival In The Morning

  • Students who arrive before 7.00am are to wait in the canteen until instructed to move to their respective venues.
  •  Students walking to school can enter via the following gates:

o   Main Gate, 6.45am onwards (Monday to Friday)

o   Gate 4, 6.50am to 7.30am (Monday to Friday)

o   Gate 12, 6.50am to 7.30am (Monday to Friday)

  • Students commuting to school in private vehicles are to alight at the Drop off Point in school from 6.30am to 7.30am (Monday to Friday).
  • Alternatively parents can drop off their child / ward at either Gates 4 or 12 from 6.50am to 7.30am (Monday to Friday).
  • Parents are advised to drive off quickly after alighting their child to reduce traffic congestion. Parking within the school premises is strictly prohibited.

4.  Lightning Warning System

  • In the event of inclement weather such as rain or risk of lightning strike, the Lightning Warning System (LWS) will be activated. For the safety of all students and staff, all outdoor activities will cease and move indoors.

5.  Recess/Snack Break/Lunch

  • The use of the canteen is only meant for students and staff of the school.
  • Students may choose to bring their own packed food for recess. Students are encouraged to bring healthy food options (eg. fruits, wholemeal sandwiches, etc) instead of food items which are high in salt and sugar such as processed foods, chips and sweets.
  • Only drinks with the healthier choice label with lower sugar content will be on sale at the school canteen. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottles which can be filled at the various water coolers in school with drinking water.
  • All students are to consume their meals at the school canteen with the exception of in class snack breaks.

6.  Leaving School Premises

  • Students are not allowed to leave school premises without approval from the School Leaders. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who leave the school premises without prior permission from School Leaders.
  • Students are not allowed to leave school premises during curriculum hours unless parents or responsible adults, authorised by their parents have obtained permission or provided written explanation to form teacher or school leaders.
  • Family member/ guardian / authorised appointed adult must sign out the student at the General office before student is allowed to leave school premises.

7.  Attendance

  • Please do not send your child / ward to school if he/she is unwell.
  • Please call the school to inform the Form Teacher of your child’s absence.
  • An automated message will be sent to the parent / guardian should the child be absent from school and if the parent / guardian has not updated the school on their child’s absence.
  • Please contact the General Office, as soon as possible, upon receiving the message to update the school on the reason for your child’s / ward’s absence and provide the relevant supporting documents for their absence when he / she returns to school. (eg. medical certificate)
  • A valid Medical Certificate must be submitted to the Form Teacher if a student has missed any scheduled school or national assessment.
  • Students must complete the full school term. Prolonged or frequent absence will hamper their learning and development.

8.  Counselling For Students

  • Students with academic, social, emotional or behavioural issues may be referred to the schools Case Management Team (CMT). Each case will be assessed before recommended follow up actions are implemented to provide students with the required support. Students can also approach the school’s full-time counsellor at the counselling room should they require social emotional support.

9.  Personal Responsibility For Personal Property

  • Students are not allowed to bring the following items to school:

o   Large amounts of money

o   Electronic games or toys

o   Mobile phones

o   Sharp objects (pen knives, pointed head scissors, paper-cutters, etc)

  • The school hopes to instil personal responsibility in students to care for their own belongings. Do write your child’s / ward’s name on his/ her belongings such wallets, files, pencil case, water bottles, etc. This will facilitate the returning of lost items to their rightful owners.
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to pack their school bag daily and be responsible to bring all required items for the day’s learning and activities. Parents are strongly encouraged to refrain from bringing non-essential items (eg. stationeries, water bottles etc.) in the event that your child forgets to bring these non- essential items.

10.  School And Home Partnership

  • The school seeks the support of parents / guardians in the following:
  • Supervising your child’s homework and ensure that all assignments are completed and submitted on time.
  • Signing of worksheets and books at the required column to acknowledge that all assignments are completed.
  •  Ensuring attendance of their child for supplementary/remedial lesson, CCAs and enrichment programmes organised by school.

11.   Communication with Parents

  • The school and teachers will be communicating with parents through:

o   Student Handbook

o   School Letters / Principal’s Term Notes (Via Parents Gateway)

o   Telephone

o   Email

o   Parents Gateway

o   School Website

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to attend school engagement sessions such as Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC), Parent-Child-Teacher-Conference (PCTC) and parents’ briefings. These are important platforms for parents to understand their child’s learning process and how they can better support his/her holistic development. We seek your fullest support to attend all school engagement sessions.