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Students' Accident Protection Insurance for 2017

The school has purchased a basic accident protection scheme from AB Lim Pte Ltd on behalf of all pupils. The cost of the premium will be borne by the School. Your child is given a copy of the insurance policy (brochure) today together with this letter. We hope you will read the insurance policy for a better understanding of the insurance coverage and benefits, and the details of the claims procedure.

As this is only a basic accident protection plan, you may wish to enhance your child's accident protection by purchasing additional insurance plan with the same agency or other insurance agencies. The cost for any additional insurance coverage will be borne by the parents.

Your child's safety is our top priority, and the School will emphasise on this to all pupils during assemblies. We hope you will also constantly and consistently remind your child of safety at all times to prevent accidents.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and return the portion below through your child's Form Teacher by Mon, 9 Jan 2017.