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“Beethoven Heroic Years” Concert for Children

On 27th of May 2017, a group of 40 Primary 3 and 4 selected students, chaperoned by Miss Esther Tioh and Mrs Serene Ng, went on a music appreciation learning journey to an interactive “Beethoven Heroic Years” Concert for Children at Esplanade. The objectives of this learning journey are to provide an opportunity for the students to experience a live concert and also to enhance their knowledge of the life of the famous composer Beethoven and the family of string instruments in the Western Orchestra.

The students spent an awesome afternoon at Esplanade. For many of our students, it was their first time they had ever stepped into a Recital Studio at Esplanade. They had fun learning with four international artists and a great facilitator. They learnt about the four instruments in a string quartet and each of the roles they play in this combination that is much loved by Beethoven. They further discovered the heroic story of oppression and liberation behind Beethoven's highly charged String Quartet Op. 95 ‘Serioso’!  They enjoyed themselves very much and gave very positive feedback on the learning experience. 

View the photos here.