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Hands-on Learning Through IMDA Lab On Wheels

On the 11th and 12th July 2017, the whole P3 cohort went for an experiential learning experience on board the IMDA’s Lab on Wheels bus. This activity was designed to expose students to the use of technology for the creation of their own game. Students created their own version of the ‘Flappy Bird’ game through the use of simple coding techniques. The students were excited by the experiential learning experience and were interested to apply the technology for other coding activities (self-directed learning). The activity was fun for the students and could inspire Concordians to be future coders for Singapore! 

Students who wish to try coding on their own as a follow-up can visit http://code.org

View more photos here.

 Overall learning environment on board Lab on Wheels.  

Girls programming their own version of Flappy Bird.
 Students have customized their game by changing the visuals.

Students from 3D had a great time on board!