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Racial Harmony Day 2017

Our school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2017 with the theme “The Singapore Way.” The traditional games, which were conducted during recess with the support of our wonderful PSG members, were very well received by the students.  

An interesting skit was also put up by our talented teachers and students during the school’s assembly programme. Through the skit, students were able to understand the rationale for commemorating Racial Harmony Day. They also gained deeper insights on the different cultures, food and traditional costumes of the different ethnic groups. The highlight of the assembly programme was the chapteh competition where teachers and students were invited to take part. Excitement filled the air when our principal, Mrs Chua, joined in as well.

Our school hopes to heighten student’s understanding and appreciation of the different races and cultures while embracing diversity in a multi-racial country

View the photos here.