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Mother Tongue Fortnight

I love batik painting!.jpgMother Tongue Fortnight is held with a bang every year in Concord. This year is no exception. To provide Concordians with the opportunities to learn more about the language and culture of the chosen Mother Tongue languages and to ignite learning interest, a variety of activities were planned.

MTF Carnival showcased a variety of Chinese cultural for Primary 3, 4, 5 & 6 students, who get to make bamboo copter(竹蜻蜓), rod puppets(棒偶), gourd painting(葫芦彩绘)and spinning tops (抽陀螺),Chinese sachets(香囊) and Chinese fan-painting(扇子彩绘).Story-telling activities were planned for the lower primary students to engage students through lively narration. 

Smiles all around!.JPGML MTF themes for the various levels include Malay Legends and Cultural Trail, with the common element of traditional food across levels. Students were introduced to various Malay food, popular in the past and in the present. Students experienced preparing their own healthy sandwiches which they consumed during snack break.

Students were also given the opportunity to extract coconut milk which is the main ingredient for the local delicacy - nasi lemak. Students also learnt about the many usage of lemon grass and ginger which is the main ingredient in Malay dishes. They were also exposed to various traditional kuih such as kuih keria and ondeh-ondeh. Through the activity of eating nasi ambeng and batik painting, students were able to display the spirit of gotong-royong and kampung spirit.

TL Unit conducted cultural activities, namely, Paavayin Paarvai (puppet show) for P3 & P4 students and Villupattu for P5 & P6 students, to help students gain confidence and knowledge of self. Students were exposed to rare art form. There is a revival of this art form in recent years. Students were exposed to this genre because they are doing role pay and story - telling in the class. They were given opportunities to other art form of story- telling. Students enjoyed the activities immensely and they creativity was shown through their presentation. The organisers were very impressed that they came up with interesting ideas within a short duration.

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