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P4 High Challenge Course 2019


The P4 High Challenge Course Activity for this year was a success, mainly because of the help of the many individuals in this Concord Family.  Our School leaders had provided timely feedback and suggestions along the whole journey, starting with the planning to the carrying out of the activities and through to the close.

Special thanks to the affected teachers who ensured a conducive learning environment for the students as well as took care of their well-being.  These special people include the P4 form teachers as well as other selected teachers, who spent time attending to the needs of the students, at times being a second parent to many individuals in need.

The children learned a lot about the importance of resilience and team effort in cheering each other on to overcome their fears and complete the course.  It was a first-time for many, and a good bonding experience for the class.  Even for those who had attempted the courses before, it was a good opportunity to challenge themselves to improve on their timing or ability to navigate the various obstacles.

We were blessed with good weather when it counted, so all the classes could attempt all the challenges planned for them.  Many were able to face their fears and put into practice cooperative skills that will help them as they go through life.