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Concord’s Band has embarked on a new journey with the new structure put in place in 2014. The Band members undergo two sessions of training from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. A team of 2 instructors provide intense practice sessions alternating from sectional for focused training and combined practices where the Band practices as a whole entity.

Recruitment begins from P1 level where potential members are selected and accepted into the Band CCA. The recruits attend their own specialized training sessions and will go through auditions before joining the main band.

Apart from participating in the SYF competitions and performing for school functions, the Band also aims to provide public performances in collaboration with neighbouring organizations during events like New Year and National Day celebrations.

National Day Performance at Keat Hong CC

Band 1.jpg
Band 02.jpgBand 03.jpg

Naval Base Secondary School Band Exchange Programme

Band 04.jpg

Band 5.jpg

Band 06.jpg

Guest Band for ITE West Symphonia at SOTA

Band 07.jpg

Let's Bond Activities

Band 08.jpgBand 09.jpg

Buddy System Sectionals

Band 10.jpg
Band 11.jpg