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Boys with potential skills for Floorball are identified during the P3 Sports Module sessions. A MOE-Registered qualified coach trains the boys twice weekly from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Every Floorball member is taught the basic skill of controlling the ball using the Floorball stick. Members are also taught the rules of the game and also the different aspects of scoring and defending during a game. Besides friendly matches against each other, Floorball members also get to gel with each other through team-bonding games. This helps to promote teamwork and the importance of persisting when times get hard. As the saying goes “When the tough gets going, the going gets tough.” It is important that the Floorball members are disciplined and resilient. In line with the school core values, they are taught to treat each other with care and respect and practise good sportsmanship, be it during training or tournament.

Our Senior and Junior Teams trained very hard for the National Primary Schools Floorball Championships which included many extra training sessions after school and during the school holidays. They played to the best of their ability and motivated each other for every game. The emphasis of sportsmanship is vital in every game, and they overcame their difficulties and challenges as a team. Their spirits were high and their friendship grew. We are truly proud of the girls and boys for giving their best in every game they played. We are sure they have gained valuable experience and lesson from each game.

In 2019, the Junior Boys team performed well by achieving GOLD by topping their Tier- Group.

With more practice, our Floorball members will only get better! Together we will soar to greater heights!

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