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Volleyball is the only CCA offered exclusively to girls. The members are selected during the Sports Module sessions of the Modular CCA programme.

The aim of introducing Volleyball as a CCA is to build ruggedness and robustness into the girls to make them more physically and mentally strong. It helps to improve their muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and balance.

During every Volleyball training sessions, playerspracticethe various skills and strategies imparted to them by their teachers, seniors and coach. The importance of teamwork, resilience and good sportsmanship are alsoemphasizedin each and every training sessions held after curriculum hours from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm.The girls learn to work as a team and it provides them with an opportunity to be active and connect with friends.

With the passion shown by the girls and continued practice of skills acquired from every training sessions, the girls never fail to demonstrate grit, determination and resilience during competitions.

In 2019, the Junior Division team achieved 3rd Position, whilst the Senior Team achieved the 4th position, at Zonal Level indicating a vast improvement in the CCA’s performance.

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