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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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The ICT department strives to harness ICT to transform teaching and learning landscape by Exploring, Experimenting and Enriching teaching and learning through ICT. Aspiring for our students to become Future-Ready and Responsible Digital Learners, the school approaches the use of technology through 2 dimensions, namely Learning about ICT and Learning With ICT. To prepare our students to be Future-Ready Digital Learners, we aim to

  • Develop our students’ literacy in the use of Google Applications for learning
  • Leverage ICT to facilitate Self-directed and collaborative learning
  • Nurture our students to be responsible and discerned online users

Learning about ICT

Our students go through a 6-year ICT Skills Development Programme. Through the programme, we equip all students with Google Applications skills as well as Cyber wellness awareness so that they are empowered to leverage the ICT skills for Self-directed and Collaborative Learning during lessons and at home.

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Learning with ICT in Curriculum

To support the holistic development of our students as self-directed and collaborative learners, teachers design ICT-enriched learning activities to deepen their understanding of concepts learned in various subjects. To activate our students’ thinking, the use of digital resources such as videos, online quiz or games with careful scaffold are being designed by teachers. Opportunities for our students to discuss concepts and issues in lessons are facilitated by various open source such as Padlet, Kahoot, Google Documents and many other Apps. Through these collaborative platforms, our students work in small groups or pairs to surface their understanding of their lessons. With immediate feedback from such ICT collaborative tools, both students and teachers are able to instantly assess for themselves if learning objectives have been achieved.

Students from P1 - P6 engage in group research using information from the internet to gather information related to healthy food choices for their projects. Students use Google forms and Linoit to put together their understanding before deciding their concept for presentation.


Student Learning Space (SLS)

As one of the primary school piloting the Student Learning Space since 2017, teachers are exploring a wide range of ICT-facilitated strategies to engage our students in a student-centric learning environment. Tapping on the affordances of SLS and other ICT tools, students’ learning experiences are centered on the belief that quality learning is in the hands of the learners when we empower them with appropriate technology. With a shift of our focus to deepening the process of learning, development of 21st-century competencies such as communication, collaboration, and information skills takes shape when our students learn with technology.

Learning Beyond Four Walls

Under Concord’s Total Curriculum Framework, technology is designed into our Learning for Life Programme, Outdoor Education (OE). Outdoor Trails, I AM CONCORD!, are designed as opportunities for students to discover the heritage of Concord with their peers. Social-emotional learning is enriched as students work with their peers to navigate the tasks in the trail. The use of various iPad apps and QR Codes heighten our students' interests and spur their appetite for self-directed learning as they go about making connections with the ready information around them. Similar authentic ICT-enriched learning trails are also customised for Learning Journey to places such as Singapore Philatelic Museum and Little India.


Cyber Wellness

With wide exposure to online space, it is crucial to inculcate astuteness in our students when engaged in cyber activities so that they become responsible and discerned online users.

In 2014, the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme (CWSTAR) was implemented to provide a platform for students to take the lead in spreading awareness in cyber wellness to their peers. Into its 6th year, the student ambassadors are planning this year’s Cyber Wellness Day for students from P1- P6. At the same time, the ambassadors create Images, slogans or key messages on cyber wellness and share them with their peers through the E-broadcast system.

Concord’s Student Cyber Wellness Pledge is a feature in our Student Handbook where it is an opportunity for students to bond with their parents as they discuss in the pledge, Likewise, Parent Cyber Wellness Pledge is conducted on an app, SG ConneXion. The app was designed and developed by our Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors in 2015. By pledging their commitment to take an active role in educating their children in Cyber Wellness, parents signal the importance of upholding positive influence and positive actions in the online space to their children.

Explicit cyber wellness lessons are integrated into FTGP and CCE curriculum. In addition, Primary 4 students undergo a 3-day workshop on Media Literacy to provide them with skills to evaluate media effectively and to use, create and share content safely and responsibly. In-house Cyber Wellness competition also provides students a fun way to learn and share cyber wellness tips and messages.