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PE & Aesthetics



Providing a safe, positive and vibrant environment and a broad and rich curriculum where all Concordians can be encouraged to succeed in becoming fit and healthy individuals.


Every Concordian should have the opportunity to take part in the physical activities on a regular basis and become physically confident and competent. Through all the sporting and physical activities, Concordians will potentially develop a love and passion for sports and continue this into their later lives.

Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all Concordians develop their fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities from Primary 1 to 6. This is to provide them with a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to enjoy.

We provide our students with 2 to 2½ hours of active PE lessons weekly and purposeful play to keep them healthy and at the same time, educating them on a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Also, through our daily PE lessons, we aim to promote teamwork, sportsmanship and fairplay. Through the daily cooperative and competitive games, they will develop communication and collaboration. They will understand the importance of resilience, perseverance and respect amongst peers.


Concord Primary School is committed to…

  • Provide a safe, secure and vibrant environment where all Concordians can enjoy and play
  • Adopt a challenging, broad and exciting PE curriculum which will actively encourage, motivate and develop every Concordian to feel healthy and happy
  • Promote active and mass participation so that every Concordian will have the ‘can-do’ spirit
  • Build every Concordian’s resilience and self-esteem
  • Foster tolerance, responsibility, respect and acceptance of others through the sports and games they play during their daily PE lessons

Seven learning areas facilitate the learning experiences in the daily PE lessons in Concord from Primary 1 to 6. In Primary 1 & 2, Dance, Games & Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education and Physical Health and Fitness are introduced. Athletics and Swimming are introduced from Primary 3 onwards.

In summary, here are the overview

  1. Athletics
  2. Dance
  3. Games and Sports
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Outdoor Education
  6. Physical Health and Fitness
  7. Swimming (Primary 3 only)

Annually, Concord Primary School will have her Sports Day carried out in two different blocks; one block is for Primary 1 to 3 and the other is from Primary 4 to 6. On these two special blocks, we conduct games that involve mass participation and every child gets to compete 3 to 4 games. The two blocks will conduct sporting activities on two different dates in a year.

Next, the Primary 4 and 6 students will have to go through compulsory NAPFA (ie. National Physical Fitness Assessment) tests according to the National standards in the months of April & early May in school. It involves a series of five stations and a 1.6km Walk-Run.

Below are the compulsory test items

  1. Sit-ups
  2. Standing Broad Jump
  3. Sit-and-Reach
  4. Inclined Pull-ups
  5. Shuttle Run
  6. 1.6km Walk-Run

Finally, the PE department also organises specialised games and sports for students from Primary 4 to 6 – games like Tchoukball, Kinball, Roller-blading, Archery, etc. These introductory sports are usually carried out by specialised vendors and our PE teachers would supervise our students during the Modular Programme sessions. Such experiential learning will bring about rich exposure and thus, making learning more enjoyable and fun for both our students and teachers.


S.P.I.N. is one of the key department initiatives and it stands for Stop Physical Inactivity Now. It is a programme designed for overweight P3-P6 students to empower them to lose weight through increased physical activity and healthy eating. In the first SPIN session, SPINNERS will be given information on tips and suggestions on how they can lose weight.

SPINNERS meet twice a week to exercise. They meet during recess time for about 15 minutes for a customised sports and games. The SPINNERS also measure their height and weight at the end of each month to monitor their weight gain/loss. The SPINNERS are also taught to monitor their food intake and the type of food they consume by keeping a record of their diet daily. Through these measures, the SPINNERS are armed with skills to take control of their health and are encouraged to take positive steps towards combating obesity.

Sports Carnival and Lower Primary Games

The annual Sports Carnival and Lower Primary Games day are key events which receive much anticipation and garners excitement from the students. The main objective of these events is to promote mass participation among students in sports and games. Through this event, the students are given opportunity to apply the various motor skills which they have acquired during their PE lessons. Other than promoting mass participation in sports, these events also promote a strong sense of camaraderie among students from the same class and sportsmanship in the games. The students are also given the platform to exhibit the core values of respect and resilience during the games.


The Department also seeks to promote the mastery of skills and creativity in the Aesthetics domain through an enriching and wholesome Art and Music curriculum. Our students are introduced to a variety of Art forms based on different genre and ethnic cultures. Key programmes such as Artist in the Spotlight and Wall of Expressions help students to develop propensity for Arts appreciation and forms of expression.

Other than learning about the fundamental theory of music, our students are exposed to a variety of musical instruments during their modular music lessons, such as Recorders, Orff, Cajon, Ukulele and Guitar. They are given opportunity to exhibit their skills through performances at school assembly programmes and important school events. The students also undergo music appreciation experiences outside of their classroom through attending musicals and concerts.

Aesthetics Framework (Art and Music)

Vision - Develop the attitude and aptitude to live an enriched life through the Arts

Mission - Through exposure to the Arts experience in Concord Primary School, we aspire to nurture Concordians to be confident, expressive and reflective learners who can connect with the society and people across all cultures.

Arts Appreciation . Curriculum . Expressions

Concordians are exposed to a progressive and experiential arts journey in Concord Primary School. Elements and concepts are learned through active experiences, where students are provided with opportunities to express their voice and choice, such as music creation and performance using various classroom music instruments or creating a 3D sculpture through paper play.

Various platforms are provided to provide students the opportunity to hone their art and music skills through our music and art curriculum, modular programmes and school events.

By the end of Primary 6, students will be able to appreciate arts from the Singapore and regional culture, experienced a range of instruments (pitched and unpitched), can perform on the main melodic instrument with good tone and expression, and also possess the ability to create artworks using a variety of mediums and present their art and share their ideas and inspirations with audience via exhibitions and publications.

Key Programmes and Highlights




Arts Appreciation

Arts Outside Classroom: Arts Assembly Programme


                               CNY community singing led by students

PAM Around the World: Experience and Appreciate the Art and Music of Different Cultures Around the World

1. Appreciating the artworks of Concordians.JPG
Appreciating the artworks of Concordians
2. Expressing through the Arts.JPG
Expressing through the Arts
1. Bustling with activities.JPG
 Bustling with activities!

2. Queuing up to make and decorate our shakers.JPG
 Queuing up to make and decorate our shakers
1. Primary 4 class performing the Fight Song on Ukulele.JPG
Primary 4 class performing the Fight Song on Ukulele

3. Primary 5 students grooving to the beats of the music on their Cajons.JPG
Primary 5 students grooving to the beats of the music on their Cajons

3. P6 students etting ready for their guitar performance.JPG
P6 students getting ready for their guitar performance

Art Modular Programmes

Music Modular Programmes


1. Inquiry based learning - exploring the 2 note.JPGInquiry based learning - exploring the $2 note  


Ø  Learn how art is used in daily life through the application of artistic thinking and visual elements and principles

Ø  Appreciate artworks and artists from local and other cultures and contexts to make connections and understand the values of art in our lives and society

Ø  Learn to experiment with and use different media, tools and visual qualities

Ø  Opportunity to nurture curiosity, imagination and enjoyment in art making and art discussion


1. Performing on pitched and unpitched instruments.jpg







Performing on pitched and unpitched instruments

Ø  Learn to describe and express the musical elements and concepts when listening, performing and creating music of various genres and cultures

Ø  Learn skills and techniques, and achieve a basic – high level of proficiency appropriate  for the instruments (non-pitched and pitched instruments) through a wide genre of repertoire

Ø  Appreciate music from the Singapore, regional cultures as well as repertoire from the Western classical traditions to gain insights to other cultures

Ø  Opportunity to express voice and choice through creating and improvising activities


Art Exhibitions in School and in Public 

1. A mini art exhibition by a group of talented Concordians.JPG

A mini art exhibition by a group of talented Concordians

2. Animal Planka Art by Concordians exhibited outside Keat Hong CC.jpg
Animal Planka Art by Concordians, exhibited outside Keat Hong CC

3. Concordians with their exhibited artworks at the Passion Arts Festival.JPG
Concordians with their exhibited artworks at the Passion Arts Festival

4. A Concordian with her artwork at the Passion Arts Festival.jpg
A Concordian with her artwork at the Passion Arts Festival

Classroom and Level Performances

1. Performing with classroom percussion instruments.jpgPerforming with classroom percussion instruments
2. P4 Ukulele Performance.jpgP4 Ukulele Performance

3. P5 students performing on the cajaon during recess.JPGP5 students performing on the cajaon during recess

4. P6 students learning to use the guitar as an accompaniment instrument.jpgP6 students learning to use the guitar as an accompaniment instrument

Arts Outside Classroom: Arts-Making Space (coming up soon!)