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Every student an inquirer.


To develop students to be curious about the world and to equip them with the necessary skills for Science inquiry.

Our Science Curriculum Framework

It encapsulates the thrust of Science education in Singapore to provide students with strong fundamentals in Science for life, learning, citizenry and work.

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Different Types of Learning

Inquisitive Learning

Inquistive Learning.jpg

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning.jpg

Cooperative Learning

Coorperative Learning.jpg

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning.jpg

Key Programmes

Level: Primary 1 to 2



COL.OURS stands for Centre OLearning - Our Unique Researches in Science. It is to support Science learning for the Primary 1 and 2 students. Our students are exposed to exciting science videos, science activities in and out of the classroom so that they can explore different things around them as well as interesting non-fiction Science books to bring them into the world of wonder!