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Eco-Pals@Concord is an Environmental Education and Sustainability Programme, in line with our school values and iCare culture. It is helmed by the Science Department with the aim of helping students understand the environment, be aware of the current complex issues facing our earth and the future prospect or impact of environmental changes.

As a recognised Green School, we have been engaging our students with “Green” programmes so that every student can take action to keep our environment healthy and sustainable for the future. With that, we hope students can be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to address environmental challenges in the future.

Our Mission:  To develop Concordians with a strong commitment to improve the environment in our community.

Our Environmental Policy: Concord Primary School is committed to environmental education and our sustainable efforts for environmental improvement.

Our Environmental Goals:  To provide an environmentally-conducive environment for teaching and learning. To build and sustain Concordians’ commitment in environmental issues in accordance with our values, vision and mission.

Our key programmes:

  1. Science cum Environmental Education Monitors. Started in 2020, two to three students in each Primary 3 to Primary 6 classes are named as Science cum Environmental Education Monitors. They will help the school to spearhead the environmental efforts in their class.
  2. Earth Day Programme which coincides with the International Earth Day event in April. We conducted our version of Earth Hour – “Concord Primary School Earth in 10”, where all lights will have to be switched off to conserve electricity for 10 minutes. After a detailed lesson and in-depth discussion, a checklist was created for students to continue earth conservation efforts at home. An event video is created with a recap of the conservation efforts that students can do at home and played in school premises to remind and reinforce these efforts.
  3. Water Conservation and Dengue Education Programme for the Primary 3 to Primary 5 classes. As follow up to a detailed SLS lesson, students are motivated to produce posters that bring out the environmental messages. Some of these posters are selected to produce into bookmarks, to be given to all students as a memento that reminds them of these environmental messages.
  4. 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle programme. Every year our students are taught and reminded of the 3Rs. The school also encourages students to put their recyclables into the recycle collection box placed in their classrooms. Our Science cum Environmental Education Monitors will then empty them into the huge blue recycling bins located near the canteen. In 2020, our monitors also gave a short presentation to their class on how to reduce carbon footprint in their classroom. 

Our Schoolwide Green Programmes Theme 
Recycling @ Concord Recycling at Concord.jpg 
Science cum Environmental Education Monitors programme monitors.png 
 Earth day & Concord's Earth in 10Earth Day.png 
Energy Conservation Programme Energy Conservation.jpg 

Our level-based green programmes that are integrated into our Science curriculum.

Primary 1
Stop food wastage

Term 1
 Primary 2
 Stop food wastage
3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Term 1
 Primary 3
Dengue Prevention
3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) 

 Term 3
Term 4
Primary 4
Introduction to Global Warming

Term 4
 Primary 5
Water and energy conversion 

 Term 4
 Primary 6
Global environmental challenges 

 Term 4

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