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Outdoor Science Learning Trails

Outdoor learning puts learning in a real world context where children leverage on the physical resources that the school has, such as the gardens, hydroponics system, water features and ponds. Besides helping students become more connected to the environment and community around them, a trail was carefully curated to customise and maximise outdoor learning for the different levels accordingly to their Science curriculum. 

  • Primary 1 & 2

See the great diversity of plants and animals in our School garden.

  • Primary 3

See the great diversity of plants in our School garden and learn to classify them. Understand more about plant parts and plant life cycle through our Little Farmers programme.

  • Primary 4

Students were brought to the garden to see the SUNDIAL, to reinforce how shadow is used in sundial to tell the time. Extend the learning of plants and understand how technology is used in agriculture through our Hydroponics programme.

  • Primary 5

Study plant reproduction and seed dispersal through the different plants grown in our sky garden.

  • Primary 6

Study the different habitats and communities in the garden and how solar panels are used to run the school garden.

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