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Concord’s Prefectorial Board

Student-Leadership-Framework.jpgThe Five Practices of The Leadership Challenge Model and the key behavior of Prefects are as shown in the table below:


Key Behavior

Model the way


  • To be exemplary role model to their peers by upholding and displaying the school’s core values.

Inspire a Shared Vision


  • Envision a common, meaningful vision and goal among the board.
  • Actively contributes and works effectively in team.

Challenge the Process

  • Search out opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve.
  • Experiment, take calculated risks, be innovative and strive for excellence.
  • Take active roles in improving the lives of others by challenging the process.
  • Looks for ways to develop and challenge their skills and abilities.

Enable Others to Act


  • Foster collaboration by promoting shared vision.
  • Empower their peers to contribute actively.

Encourage the Heart


  • Encourage others in the team to contribute meaningful and actively
  • To have a strong faith and belief that the team is capable of achieving.
  • Expresses appreciation for the contribution that others make.
  • Celebrates successes and accomplishments.

Head Prefect’s Message 2022

Head Prefect Jayden.JPG

I believe that as a leader, we need to take the initiative to help anyone in need and listen to others. A good leader is also a good team player. And most importantly a good leader should be a role model and influence others positively. One quote that I hold close to my heart is "Leaders lead from the heart, not the head." This quote is a reminder for me that in order to be a good leader, I have to touch people's heart in order to take their hands and lead them. I strive to be a leader who can lead with a heart, touch the hearts of others with love and care. Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, I hope to walk with all concordians towards our school motto: Together, we soar to greater heights, where everyone plays in creating what we call home, Concord Primary School.

Jayden Tan Yanyi, Head Prefect 2022

Executive Committee Prefects 2022


Prefect investiture 1.JPG

Prefects Investiture 2.JPG

2022 Prefectorial Board 





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Key Programmes/events

  • Daily Duties

The prefects are involved in various duties such as recess duties, late-comers duty, and pledge taking duties. The prefects also actively support the school programmes by taking on roles of emcees and prefects ushers. 

  • Prefects Investiture
The Prefects Investiture, which is held in term 2, is an important ceremony held annually to celebrate the official appointment of Prefects.

Presenting badge to HP.JPG
PH with flag.JPG

  • Prefect Training  
training 3.jpeg
Training 4.jpeg

  • Prefects Camp 2021

The Prefects camp will be carried out in September. The day camp aims to enhance prefects’ leadership skills through hands-on activities


·         Teachers’ Day Celebration

Every year, the prefects put together a performance and the Executive Committee prefects will put together a gift to show appreciation to the school on this special day.