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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL @ Concord Primary School is formally incorporated into the Primary 1 and Primary 2 curriculum as part of the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) to strengthen the emphasis on non-academic programmes for Primary 1 and 2 students. This is in line with the key desired outcome of PERI recommendations to balance the acquisition of knowledge with the development of skills and values to prepare our students for a more dynamic future.

One of the main features of PAL is the emphasis on inculcating values and developing social and emotional competencies. Values remain essential to shaping the person's beliefs, attitudes, and actions in whatever type of world the child finds himself in the future. Through values education, our students learn about care, responsibility, respect, integrity, loyalty, and resilience. Students' social and emotional competencies are met through these 5 domains.

Conducted within curriculum time, PAL @ Concord provides students with broad exposure in two areas — Sports and Outdoor Education, and Performing and Visual Arts. In PAL, the emphasis is placed on experiential learning. The hands-on experiences reinforce students' learning and allow them to explore, discover, generate further thinking and express their ideas. In every lesson, time is set aside for both individual work and teamwork. The activities are fun and enjoyable, and are pitched at the capabilities of Primary 1 & 2 students. Equally important in a PAL lesson is the time for students to reflect on their experiences and feelings in the different contexts set up for that lesson. At the end of Primary 2, all students would have been exposed to 5 different modules of Sports, Outdoor Education, Drama, Music, and Dance.

Animal movements.jpg
Animals lovers
Creating Music together.jpgCreating Music Together

Exploring the outdoors with Binoculars.jpg
Exploring outdoors with Binoculars
Building Tents together as a team.jpg
Building tents together as a team

Exploring sound using different instruments and objects.jpg
Exploring sound using different instrument