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Mr Tay Soo Hong
Science Coordinator
  Mdm Nalini Subramaniam   
  Department Members   
Mrs Lau Bee Ha
Mdm Connie Ow 
Mdm Chan Liea Sun
Mdm Yap Lay Koon Ms Eunice Chew Mdm Shannon Lim
Mr Tan Wee Loon  Ms Liow Hui Min


Every student an inquirer.


To develop students to be curious about the world and to equip them with the necessary skills for Science inquiry.

Our Science Curriculum Framework

It encapsulates the thrust of Science education in Singapore to provide students with strong fundamentals in Science for life, learning, citizenry and work.

framework 2.png

Our Focus

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Our Key Programmes

Our Outdoor Learning Trails 


Learning Objective


Primary 1 & 2

See the great diversity of plants and animals and classify them into different groups.

Garden, Pond

Primary 3

Understand the diversity of plants and plant parts. Introduction to vertical farming.

Green Wall

Primary 4

Use the Sundial to study relationships between light and shadow during the day.

Sundial in garden

Primary 5

Study plant reproduction and seed dispersal through the different plants grown in the gardening plot.

Gardening plot

Primary 6

Study the different habitats and communities in the garden and how solar panels are used to run the school garden.

Garden, Pond

Our Eco-Pals@Concord Programme

Our schoolwide green programmes


Recycling @ Concord       

(Term 1 to 4) 


Science cum Environmental Education Monitors programme 

(Term 1 to 4)


Earth Day & Concord’s Earth in 10 

(Term 2)


Energy Conservation Programme 

(Term 3)

D 2.jpg


Our level-based green programmes that are integrated into our curriculum.




Primary 1

Stop food wastage  

Term 1new.png


Primary 2

Stop food wastage

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Term 1

Term 2

Primary 3

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Dengue prevention

Term 4

Primary 4

Introduction to Global Warming


Term 3

Primary 5

Water and energy conversion

Term 2

Primary 6

Global environmental challenges new.png

Term 4

Our Achievements

In collaboration with CCE and PE & Aesthetics Departments, and our school partners, Science Department is pleased to inform that our school  had attained the following awards. 



Green Schools @ South West

- Sustained Achievement Award  2020

- 5-Year Environmental Champion Award 2020



(Let’s Observe Ourselves) LOO Awards

-  Platinum Star Award 2020

3 2.jpg

SEC-StarHub School Green Awards

-  Vanda Miss Joaquim Award 2019 

2 2.jpg

Abbott Young Scientist Award 2019             

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West Zone Junior Science Whiz Challenge 2019                                                            Click here to know more.