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Student Management

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Mr Muhammad Osman (HOD Student Management)
    SH (Internal)
Mdm Widiah Halwa Sawandi (SH Student Management)
  Mdm  Zarinah Zainal (SH Student Well-Being / YH Lower Primary)   
  Mdm Jenny Chua (Asst Year Head Lower Primary)  
  Mdm NurJihan Kahar (Asst Year Head Upper Primary)   
  Mrs Sasi Santa (ST Learning Needs)   
Mrs Cheng – Lee Yi Ling
 (Prefect Mistress)

Ms Ong Kwee Bee 

Ms Teng Yue Ting

                Mr Yow Jit Sin                    Senior AEd (LBS) 

Ms Irwany Kartika

Mdm Santhi Lembodharan Pillai (School Counsellor) 

Mr Sebastian Chin
AEd (T & L)


Positive Role Models, Embodiment of Values and Culture


To provide a positive and safe environment for Concordians to grow and learn.

Department's Framework: 

To enhance every Concordian’s educational journey, the department oversees aspects of Student Discipline, Leadership, and Safety through a multitude of structured platforms.

Every student is an embodiment of the school values and iGIVE culture. We aim to provide Concordians with a positive and firm environment where discipline and self-management guide their actions.

Every student is a leader at the school. We aim to equip Concordians with leadership traits and competencies by effectively implementing explicit teaching while staging opportunities for students to execute their knowledge. The tiered student leadership structure guides us in deciding frequency and depth of leadership exposure.

Mass Leadership Modular CCA

Its my turn to lead..jpg
It's my turn to lead.
Lets put our backs into it.jpg
Let's put our backs into it!
Leadership and teamwork is the way to go.jpg
Leadership and teamwork is the way to go!
 Look what we managed to accomplish together.jpg
Look what we managed to accomplish together!

Prefectorial Board

The Prefectorial Board Framework aims to develop every Prefects into confident leaders who contribute actively and lead by example. The leadership framework is derived from the theoretical underpinnings of The Leadership Challenge Model by Kouzes and Posner. The Prefectorial Board Framework is in alignment with the School’s Mission, Vision and Motto and also the Desired Outcome of Education. The Five Practices of The Leadership Challenge Model are:


Key Behaviour

Model the way

  • To be exemplary role model to their peers by upholding and displaying the school’s core values.

Inspire a Shared Vision

  • Envision a common, meaningful vision and goal among the board.
  • Actively contributes and works effectively in team.

Challenge the Process

  • Search out opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve.
  • Experiment, take calculated risks, be innovative and strive for excellence.
  • Take active roles in improving the lives of others by challenging the process.
  • Looks for ways to develop and challenge their skills and abilities.

Enable Others to Act

  • Foster collaboration by promoting shared vision.
  • Empower their peers to contribute actively.

Encourage the Heart

  • Encourage others in the team to contribute meaningful and actively
  • To have a strong faith and belief that the team is capable of achieving.
  • Expresses appreciation for the contribution that others make.
  • Celebrates successes and accomplishments.

2021 Prefectorial Board 

Head Prefect’s Message 2021

1.jpgAs Martin Luther King Jr once said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” I believe a leader must accept setbacks, and learn from them. Every time I face a challenge, I will think of my six core values – care, responsibility, respect, integrity, loyalty and resilience. They are like signboards, guiding me at every crossroad. Although I value all the core values, the core value that I hold closest to my heart is integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing, regardless of the situation. As Jackson Browne once said, “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” As a leader, I also seek to improve myself consistently. An inspirational leader that I look up to is Mahatma Gandhi. He preached non-violent ways while leading a campaign for the independence of India. He brought justice and harmony to the people of India with his courageous yet wise ways. Even though he is not around anymore, many people like me are inspired by his leadership and look up to him. I hope to become a leader like him, a leader who can bring a better tomorrow to his people.

Lin Weizhe, Head Prefect 2021

Past year head prefects

Key Programmes/events

  • Daily Duties
The prefects are involved in various duties such as recess duties, late-comers duty, and pledge taking duties. The prefects also actively support the school programmes by taking on roles of emcees and prefects ushers.

      Executive Committee Prefects 2021
P3 Prefects 2021

P4 Prefects 2021

P5 Prefects 2021

P6 Prefects 2021
Prefect Investiture 2021: Mr Tan with the Executive Committee Prefects.
Prefect Investiture 2021: Mr Tan Putting on tie pin for Vice-head Prefect

Prefect Investiture 2021: Mr Tan Putting on tie pin for Head Prefect
Prefect Investiture 2021: Head Prefect leading the prefects in taking the oath.
Prefect Investiture 2021: Prefects taking oath to renew their promise to serve.
Prefect Investiture 2021: Executive Committee Prefects with Connor.
Prefect Investiture 2021: Prefects with Connor.

Prefect doing pledge taking duty in the General Office.
Prefects doing latecomers duty.
Prefect stopping students from running during recess duty.
Prefects doing flag raising duty.
  • Prefects Investiture
The Prefects Investiture, which is held in term 2, is an important ceremony held annually to celebrate the official appointment of Prefects.

  • Prefects camp
The Prefects camp will be carried out in September. The day camp aims to enhance prefects’ leadership skills through hands-on activities.

  • Teachers’ Day Celebration
Every year, the prefects put together a performance and the Executive Committee prefects will put together a gift to show appreciation to the school on this special day. 

Monthly Birthday Celebrations 

Happy Birthday to our January 2020 Babies.jpg
Happy Birthday to our January 2020 Babies!
Bears for all of us.jpg
Bears for all of us!

Buddy Programme  

My Buddy showing me around school.jpg
My Buddy showing me around school
Having an indepth conversation with the seniors..jpg
Having an indepth conversation with the seniors.
Showing me how to do this..jpg
Showing me how to do this.

Connor and Caylee (Soar Redemption Programme)

Both Connor and Caylee paid us a visit..jpg
Both Connor and Caylee paid us a visit.
Welcome Caylee.jpg
Welcome Caylee!
Connor reminding us the importance of our school core values.jpg
Connor reminding us the importance of our school core values!
Steps are taken to ensure that the school community is a safe and healthy place for all children. A caring culture that supports the well-being of students will encourage growth and development of unique personalities in all possible ways. Every student will receive adequate and well-timed support to her/his learning and growth. Special support and individual help is provided to mitigate students’ physical, psychological or social problems to help stretch our students to soar to greater heights.