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FamilyMatter @ School

Every Parent An Engaged Parent

FamilyMatter 01

Workshop on 18 April by trainer & award winning magician, Aman aim to help parents understand the importance of guiding their child grow up as well-adjusted and thriving adults. 

FamilyMatter 02

The 2 hours of helping each other, especially for parents who are new to rock climbing allows a switch of roles with the children helping the parents. This activity on 30 May provides an opportunity for the child to understand that it is his or her responsibility to give their parent a helping hand when they aged. 

FamilyMatter 03

Father-Teen/Pre-Teen Conflict Management Workshop on 25 July for fathers with children in upper primary. This workshop aims to help fathers become aware of conflict triggers and understand the key perspectives of conflict 

FamilyMatter 04

Conquering Computer Addiction, Rebuilding Relationships Workshop on 1 August for parents. Speaker shared with parents effective parenting techniques to communicate better and help your child manage cyber usage. 

FamilyMatter 05

Di Zi Gui < 弟子规 > is based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius that emphasises the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. 

Conducted in English on 22 Aug, DI ZI GUI for Parents aims to equip parents the knowledge and skills to strengthen the moral understanding and develop good values in children. 

FamilyMatter 06

Workshop on 7 Nov to provide parents with tips on how to help and support their child navigate confidently with a positive and resilient mindset in secondary school 

FamilyMatter 07

Parent and child having fun learning the art of Cup-stacking on 21 November. This programme is specifically designed for parents to reflect and learn through direct experience of family life skills via experiential learning. 

FamilyMatter 08

Parents of Primary 1 having fun during parenting talk on 9 Jan 16. The workshop helped parents recognize that preparing children for primary school, which is the next step in education, includes preparing them socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. 

FamilyMatter 09

The talk titled “Emotion Coaching Parents” on 30 Jan 16 touch on the following: 
  • Define the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand 4 types of parenting styles
  • Identify traits of emotional coaching families
  • Useful tips for effective parenting

FamilyMatter 10

Parents and child bonding via LaserTag on the Saturday morning of 5 March. Laser Tag is a great way to spend the morning with your child. The experience is guaranteed to draw both of you closer and forge cherished memories while having super fun.