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Concord’s SOAR Programme


The SOAR programme promotes and rewards students for the following :

  • Demonstration of school values.
  • Adherence and promotion of Safe behaviours.
  • Demonstration of positive social skills learnt in school.
  • Displaying Timeliness in their actions.
  • Demonstration of Leadership at the class and school level.

The SOAR REDEMPTION Card is a redemption card which enables students to redeem items when they complete a Tier. Students are able to redeem customised items which depict the school Mascot in action. Redemption is normally held on the first Friday of the month during recess at the Student Leadership room.

Programme Highlights:

1. Queuing up to redeem our items..jpeg
Queuing up to redeem our items.
2. Peace out.jpegPeace out!
3. Peace out with Connor.jpegPeace out with Connor!
4. I got my eraser too.jpeg I got my eraser too!5. I got mine too.jpegI got mine too! 
6. Completed my Tier 1.jpegCompleted my Tier 1 7. Showing off my Tier 1 gift.jpegShowing off my Tier 1 gift 
8. Taking a special photo with Connor after completing Tier 1 of my card.jpeg Taking a special photo with Connor after completing Tier 1 of my card9.We did it .jpegWe did it !