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CCA Structure and Approach

Concord’s CCA is implemented on a 2-tiered approach.

CCA - 1
The first-tiered approach focuses on student talent development and mastery of skills. Students who are talented in the arenas of Sports and Performing Arts are identified and placed in certain CCAs. Primary 1 and 2 undergo a selection process for Performing Arts. 

CCA - 2
After which the identified students will be placed in the different Performing Arts CCA (Band, Choir, Indian Dance and International Dance). For Primary 3 students, they will undergo a selection process for Sports CCA via the Sports Trial Tests. The identified and talented students in the different groups of CCA are required to attend training on specific weekdays from 3.30pm to 5pm, over and above the CCA practice on Friday. The intent is to increase the intensity and rigor of the training so that our students are well - prepared for all competitions.  

CCA - 3
The second-tiered approach focuses on mass participation for our students to be in at least one CCA. The session is carried out on Fridays during curriculum time from 2pm to 3.30pm. Leveraging this approach, the school hopes to achieve 100% CCA participation and most importantly to develop and equip our students the CCA – related values and the 21CC skills.