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Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

IPW – The Thinking Chef Programme is a learning experience which aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, critically and creatively apply it to real-life situations.

Through IPW students will be able to:

(a)   apply creative and critical thinking skills

(b)   improve communication skills (both oral & written)

(c)   foster collaborative learning skills

(d)   develop self-directed & independent learning and life-long learning skills

(e)   experience lessons that are experiential and innovative in terms of cooking and/or baking

The learning outcomes for IPW are aligned with the Desired Outcomes of Education.

Confident Person

v  Communicates ideas clearly effectively

v  Analyse, apply and present information creatively

Self-Directed Learner

v  Questions for clarification and identification of problems/solutions

v  Searches and gathers information via various and appropriate medium

v  Effectively use information

v  Monitor own learning through reflections

Concerned Citizen

v  Empathises with and respects others

v  Participates actively

v  Share responsibilities and tap on one another’s strengths

Active Contributor

v  Exercise initiative and takes risks

v  Innovation and creativity

v  Aims for high standards 

IPW cuts across the various subjects and students will learn to incorporate the use of Creative Thinking Tools*, ICT, Thinking Skills Routines & E3 Reasoning as they work on their IPW.


Creative Thinking Tools*


E3 Reasoning Skills

-     English

-     Mathematics

-     Science

-     Mother Tongue

-     Social Studies

-     Health Education

-  Brainstorming Web

-  Graphic Organisers

-  Research on the internet on nutritional values printed on the products

-  Creation of powerpoint slides

-  Observation

-  Recalling

-  Elimination

-  Visualization

-  Communication

-  Perspective -taking

-  Examination

-  Evaluation

-  Decision-making

-  Idea-generation

-  Problem-solving

Cooking Lessons @ NEWTON LAB


What’s Cooking?

P5/Term 1

Fried Rice

P3/Term 2


P4/Term 2


P2/Term 3


P1/Term 3


P6/Term 4

3-course Meal

Research for IPW
Research for IPW
Measuring ingredients
Measuring Ingredients
Making pancakes
Making pancakes