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Ms Joyce Fang (covering)
Department Members
Mdm Elaine Lee
LH Mathematics
Mdm Suzanne Lim 
Senior Teacher, Mathematics
Mdm Belinda Cheong
  Mrs Tng Yoke Yin
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Mr Wong Lye Hoong (AJT)


To develop confident learners who are resilient in solving problems


Explore Mathematics.  Experience Mathematics. Discover Mathematics.

The Math Department aims to develop confident learners who are resilient in solving problems. Opportunities are created for our students to explore Mathematics, experience Mathematics and discover Mathematics. Besides enhancing our students’ experiences so as to enable them to understand concepts, acquire Mathematical skills and be able to apply to real-life situations, activities are customised to allow our students to think flexibly and use creative approaches to solve problems.

Aims of Math Department

(a) To enable our students to:

  • Understand concepts, acquire Mathematical skills and be able to apply to real-life situations by enhancing their experiences in Mathematics
  • Think flexibly and use creative approaches to solve problems
  • Use Mathematical language to communicate Mathematical ideas confidently and logically
  • Develop positive attitude towards Mathematics and to be resilient in overcoming challenges

(b) To enable our teachers to:

  • be equipped with the skills to engage students in the classroom.
  • pass on their love for Mathematics to the students.
  • inspire and build their capacity.

Laying a strong foundation in Mathematics

Much effort is spent at the lower levels to strengthen foundation skills such as numeracy. This will ensure a consistent and sustainable high level of academic achievements for the students.

Fostering Joy of Learning through Learning Experiences in Mathematics

Fostering Joy of Learning is one of the focus in the learning Mathematics.  Learning Mathematics is more than just learning concepts and skills. Equally important are the cognitive and metacognitive process skills. These processes are learned through carefully constructed learning experiences. For example, to encourage students to be inquisitive, the learning experiences will include opportunities where students discover mathematical results on their own. Students will be given opportunities to work together on a problem and present their ideas using appropriate mathematical language and methods. 

Students should have opportunities to: 

• practise basic mathematical skills to achieve mastery; 

• use feedback from assessment to improve learning; 

• solve novel problems using a repertoire of heuristics; and

• discuss, articulate and explain ideas to develop reasoning skills; 

Application of Mathematical Concepts through Math Practical Tasks 

Mathematics Practical Task is one of the alternative assessments to enable the students to apply the mathematical concepts and skills through hands-on activities independently and it also allows the department to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program.It also enables the teachers to reflect and guide students to improve their learning. Through the activities designed for our students, the teachers will give feedback and highlight some of the misconceptions which the students have to allow them to move forward and to improve in their learning. 

These are some of the feedback from teachers after the test:

"A refreshing way of assessment.Students enjoyed and looked forward to the next station." 

"Students are engaged and they are able to work independently."

Developing Resilience and Problems-Solving skills (P1-6)

S.T.A.R. framework was created to help our students to scaffold their thinking when they tackle heuristics and problem sums. When students solve problems, they will make use of the 4 steps - Stop, Think, Act, Reflect.

The teachers make use of different strategies in problem-solving.  Problem-solving cards are designed for the teachers in the P1 – 3 classrooms to engage the students during problem-solving lessons.  These cards will be useful for scaffolding in problem-solving.

The problem cards will be categorized into 3 levels;

Easy – basic word problems involving 1-step 

Intermediate – word problems involving  multiple-steps problems and other heuristics questions

Expert – challenging word problems

The cards will be used by the teachers, depending on the readiness level of the students in the class.  The questions designed will be progressive and in accordance to the difficulty level. Each class will be given a pack of the cards and these cards can be used during co-operative learning, class discussion or pair work.

Every student will track or monitor their progress using a chart. This is to allow the students to take ownership of their own learning and to plan for the next step. 

Developing Mathematical Reasoning (using Mathematical Language)

MAGIC (MAthematics Guide In Concord) (P1-6)

MAGIC Volume 1-3 is a sincere effort by our competent and caring teachers from Concord Primary School to provide a simple yet effective reference guide for our primary 1 and 2 students. Its origin is stemmed from our belief in the importance of building strong Mathematical foundations in our students so as to better enable them to understand and develop a love for the subject at an early age. 

Every chapter in MAGIC Volume 1-3 has been carefully designed to contain comprehensive notes on Mathematical concepts. These are written in simple language and presented via diagrams and pictorial forms with ample illustrations for greater clarity. Our students are also given the opportunities to test their understanding and apply what they have learnt in the “Let’s Practise!” sections. 

It is Concord’s endeavour that MAGIC Volume 1-3 will serve our lower primary students well in preparing them for assessments as well as help them overcome whatever challenges they may have in mastering Mathematics. MAGIC Volume 1-3 is a reality to benefit our students in their beginning journey of learning. 

Nurturing the Young Talents

Concord has been on board the E2K Mathematics Programme since 2017. E2K Programme was developed by Israel Centre for Excellence through Education (ICEE).  It was conceptualized as a Mathematics enrichment programme for upper primary students who demonstrate interest and ability in Mathematics.

The programme aims to foster independence in mathematical thinking skills, as well as nurture other important 21st century competencies such as resilience and resourcefulness and to enhance critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills. 

During the E2K sessions, our identified P4-5 students will be exposed to challenging Math problems. The learning experiences will include opportunities to discover, reason and communicate Mathematical ideas and concepts, especially in problem solving.

Math Olympiad Training is conducted for selected students from Primary 3 to Primary 6. 

The objectives are to stretch our students who have aspiration in gaining new knowledge and intelligence in the learning of Mathematics. Through this programme which is specially catered to our high achievers, the department also hopes to enhance flexibility in our students' thinking and to expand their horizons that Mathematics learning is fun, exciting and challenging!

Our students have been exposed to various competitions which include RAFFLES INSTITUTION’S PRIMARY MATHEMATICS WORLD CONTEST (RIPMWC)  Competitions, National Mathematical Olympiad of S’pore (NMOS), (SINGAPORE AND ASEAN SCHOOLS MATH OLYMPIADS) SASMOS, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS). Our students have done Concord Proud for the past years!

Developing  students' confidence and enjoyment in doing Mathematical activities

Math Playground (Enjoy, Experience, Enhance @ Math Playground)

Math Playground in Concord allows our students to have fun doing Mathematical activities. Apart from the hands-on activities, the corner provides a platform for them to solve non-routine problems through puzzles and games. The corner is opened for P1-4 students during their recesses and students get an opportunity to participate in challenging games such as Sudoku, Chess and Math Puzzles during their recesses.

Customised activities are also organised at Math Playground during recess for selected groups of students and our Allied Educator, Mrs Chin, will conduct the activities with them. The small group activities allow the students to celebrate little successes and any misconceptions will be addressed on the spot.

Creative Mathematics Kit (P1-3)

Concord Primary School is proud to introduce the Creative Mathematics Kit for all Primary 1-3 students. This programme will allow every student to bring back a Math Kit which consists of resources/manipulatives such as measuring tape, jelly-making mold, measuring beaker, number cards, etc during the school holiday.

It provides an opportunity for the students to reinforce the Mathematics concepts which they have learnt in Semester 1 and serves as a platform for family bonding.

The Creative Mathematics Kit will allow the students to consolidate the concepts learnt and to apply their Mathematical concepts/ skills to everyday life.  Our teachers will also make use of the students' responses and reflection to help improve their learning. 

CPS Approach to Math
Using C-P-A Approach to develop Mathematical skills
Investigative tasks
Investigative Tasks to develop problem solving skills
CPA Approach to Maths
Using C-P-A Approach to develop Mathematical skills
ICT in Math 
Leveraging ICT to reinforce learning in Mathematics
Math Playground
Mathematics is fun – Math Playground
Jelly-making Kit
Our Creative Jelly-making Kit : Relating Mathematics to real-life stiuations