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Mother Tongue Language


School Staff Developer

Mdm Toh Li Hiong

Department Members

Loh Sock Yee
Senior Teacher, Chinese Language

Mrs Thanaletchimi Ganeson 
Senior Teacher, Tamil Language

Mdm Nor Hayati Bte Salimik

Senior Teacher, Malay Language

Mdm Ng Hui Leng (CL)

 Mdm Chua Bee Khee (CL)

 Mdm Noraza Surani (ML)

Ms Huang Kaixin (CL)

Ms Heng Chwee Hong (CL)

Mdm Nurfirdawati Iryani Abdullah (ML)

Mrs Janet Chan (CL)

Mdm Lau Hui Zhen

Mdm Siti Mariam Mohd Amin (ML/FAJT)

Mdm Ji Xiao Yi (CL)

Miss Ang Si Wen (CL)

Ms Nurul Sakinah (ML)

Mdm Pang Kah Kah (CL/FAJT)

Ms Alia Binte Moreta


Concordians will love and feel proud of their chosen Mother Tongue language (MTL).


  • To make Mother Tongue a “living” language.
  • To develop a lifelong interest in Mother Tongue language (MTL) and its culture.
  • To inculcate cross-cultural understanding among the students of the different races.

Department's Highlights:

The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Department is committed to providing platforms for Concordians to acquire their chosen MT language more effectively in view of the changing language environment at home and within the community.


Customised Curriculum

To cater to the varying language mastery of Concordians, the department:

  • Customises teaching and learning of MTL according to Concordians’ language mastery level.
  •         adopts progressive and age-appropriate strategies for listening, oracy and language skills.

The following are strategies used for teaching and learning :

  • Learning by questioning: Concordians are given opportunities to read and asked to predict, analyse and link what they have learnt to their personal experiences. 
  • Learning by interacting: Teachers leverage on technologies to bring about engaged learning. For instance, lessons are brought to life with the use iPads and netbooks in the classroom 
  • Developing self-directed learners: To enable Concordians to know their current mastery level and chart their personal progress to the next level, and become self-directed in their learning, self- and peer-evaluation are encouraged with the use of rubrics and checklists.

Values Education

  • Values are constantly reinforced during MTL lessons as part of holistic education. Teachers seize teachable moments and actively link content with school core values for character development. Festive celebrations are also an authentic source for value education (eg respect for the elderly when visiting during the new year etc).
  • It takes a village to raise a child. Our Concord village is blessed with supportive parents who acknowledge the importance of MTL learning and value education. Teachers partner parents through regular communications and updates to impart values in Concordians.

Conversational Chinese & Malay (CCM)

  • The objective of the CCM programme is to promote the learning of conversational mother tongue languages as a third language, to help prepare Concordians for opportunities in a globalized world. 
  •      Primary 3 Concordians are given the option to attend either Conversational Mandarin or Conversational Malay language course. They are taught how to speak Mandarin or Malay language on a conversational level, which they can then use in everyday situations to communicate with their friends of other races. 


Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTF)

  • A two-week programme to encourage Concordians to use their Mother Tongue languages more pervasively. 
  • Wide-range of beyond-classroom activities is conducted in conjunction with MTF to provide authentic situations for Concordians to appreciate their mother tongue languages.

Internal & External Competitions

  • Competitions are held to encourage Concordians to exhibit their language skills, and at the same time create excitement and joy of learning.
  • Objectives of competitions are explained to Concordians to motivate them to channel their energies towards meaningful learning processes and outcomes, while showcasing what they have learnt.
  • Aside from school-initiated programmes, the department create opportunities for Concordians to participate in external competitions to provide authentic application of their language learning, stretch their language abilities, and build up their self-confidence and repertoire of experiences to face life challenges.

Flower tying.jpg
Flower tying
Happy Chinese New Year.JPG
Happy Chinese New Year
It is fun learning how to make scented satchels.jpg
It is fun learning how to make scented sat
MT2.pngFulfilling hands-on experience through Chinese fan painting.

Harmony Loft
Recess learning engagement at the Harmony Loft 
Preparing our own healthy sandwiches for Snack Break is Awesome!.jpeg
Preparing our own healthy sandwiches

Outdoor picnic
Our outdoor “picnic” classroom for a refreshing change
Heritage tour
Heritage tour is fun learning at work


Hands-on Nasi Lemak making and sampling session.


Feeling accomplished after making the Chinese perfume pouch (aka Xiangnang) and bamboo dragonfly


For the list of dictionaries, please click here.

For tips on how to support your children in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages, please click here.