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PE & Aesthetics

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Mrs Sharon Yeo
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Mr Charleston
Mr Zhang Kai Xin
Mr Muhammad Bin Jellanie
Mdm Siti Zubaidah
Ms Esther Tioh
Ms See Shen Leng
Mdm Charlena Low
Mdm Serene Kwa
Ms Yeo Hui Qi
Mr Teng Chee Meng
Ms Cai Yun Lin (SPE)

S.P.I.N. is one of the key department initiatives and it stands for Stop Physical Inactivity Now. It is a programme designed for overweight P3-P6 students to empower them to lose weight through increased physical activity and healthy eating. In the first SPIN session, SPINNERS will be given information on tips and suggestions on how they can lose weight. 

SPINNERS meet twice a week to exercise. They meet during recess time for about 15 minutes for a customised sports and games. The SPINNERS also measure their height and weight at the end of each month to monitor their weight gain/loss. The SPINNERS are also taught to monitor their food intake and the type of food they consume by keeping a record of their diet daily. Through these measures, the SPINNERS are armed with skills to take control of their health and are encouraged to take positive steps towards combating obesity. 

Sports Carnival and Lower Primary Games 
The annual Sports Carnival and Lower Primary Games day are key events which receive much anticipation and garners excitement from the students. The main objective of these events is to promote mass participation among students in sports and games. Through this event, the students are given opportunity to apply the various motor skills which they have acquired during their PE lessons. Other than promoting mass participation in sports, these events also promote a strong sense of camaraderie among students from the same class and sportsmanship in the games. The students are also given the platform to exhibit the core values of respect and resilience during the games. 

The Department also seeks to promote the mastery of skills and creativity in the Aesthetics domain through an enriching and wholesome Art and Music curriculum. Our students are introduced to a variety of Art forms based on different genre and ethnic cultures. Key programmes such as Artist in the Spotlight and Wall of Expressions help students to develop propensity for Arts appreciation and forms of expression. 

Other than learning about the fundamental theory of music, our students are exposed to a variety of musical instruments during their modular music lessons, such as Recorders, Orff, Cajon, Ukulele and Guitar. They are given opportunity to exhibit their skills through performances at school assembly programmes and important school events. The students also undergo music appreciation experiences outside of their classroom through attending musicals and concerts. 

Sepak Takraw
1st Runner Up in National Primary Sepak Takraw Championship 2014 
ACES Day Workout 
Lower Pri Games Day
Active Sport Engagement in Lower Primary Games Day 2014 
Sports Carnival
Active Sport Engagement in Sports Carnival 2014 
Art Lesson
Budding Artists at Work 
CCP Day 
Co-Curriulum Programme Prize Giving Day 2014 
Outdoor Education 
Outdoor Education @ Concord 
Ukelele PerformanceUkulele Performance during Assembly