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Student Management


Mr Muhammad Osman 
Department Members
Mr Chan Chok Seng
Year Head, Lower Primary
Mrs Cheng - Lee Yi Ling
Prefect Mistress
Mdm Zarinah
Mrs Sasi Santa 
Senior Teacher, Learning Needs
Miss Ong Kwee BeeMs Irwany (AED/LBS)
 Mdm Jihan Binte Kahar
 Mdm Santhi
School Counsellor
Teng Yue Ting 
Ms Zaneth Kassim   

Department Information


Positive Role Models, Embodiment of Values and Culture


To provide a positive and safe environment for Concordians to grow and learn.

Aim / Learning Outcome

The school strongly advocates a whole-school student management approach. The department aims to provide all Concordians with an emotionally and physically safe environment to bring out the best in every child.

Ensuring that the school community at large is safe and healthy for all Concordians.  We aim to provide a caring yet firm culture that supports the well-being of our Concordians, encouraging the growth and development of the unique personalities of our students.

Every student will receive adequate and well-timed support to her/his learning and growth while specialised support and additional help is provided to those requiring additional assistance to meet their physical, psychological or social needs. Together we believe that all Concordians will soar to greater heights.

Department Key Programme / Focus / Highlight

To enhance every Concordian’s educational journey, the department oversees aspects of Student Discipline, Leadership, and Safety through a multitude of structured platforms.

Every student is an embodiment of the school values and iGIVE culture. We aim to provide Concordians with a positive and firm environment where discipline and self management guide their actions.

Picture of Buddy programme bonding with students P4 and P1

Seniors guiding the juniors up the mini rockwall..jpeg

Every student is a leader at the school. We aim to equip Concordians with leadership traits and competencies by effectively implementing training while staging opportunities for students to execute their knowledge. The tiered student leadership structure guides us in deciding frequency and depth of leadership exposure.

Mr Tan presenting the Ex-co with their tie pins.

Mr Tan presenting the Ex-co with their tie pins..jpg

Every student is provided with a safe environment to explore their interests and passions. We aim to provide Concordians with a safe physical and emotional environment that nurtures them on their journey of growth. 

Our programmes aims to provide students with platforms and opportunities to apply knowledge and soft skills attained. Such programmes includes assembly talks, modular CCA sessions, camps and enrichment activities that promotes student affect.

As student management is a whole-school approach, the Student Management department aims to provide Concordians with an emotionally and physically safe learning environment so as to bring out the best in every child.

Measures are taken to make the school community a safe and healthy place for all children. A caring culture that supports the well-being of students will encourage growth and development of unique personalities in all possible ways. Every student will receive an adequate and well-timed support to her/his learning and growth. Special support and individual help to mitigate students’ physical, psychological or social problems to help stretch students to soar to greater heights.

Presenting the prefectional board


                                    Bonding over a meal                                                                       Student leadership modular

Bonding over a meal.jpegStudent Leadership Modular 2.jpeg

                                                                                         Prefects camp

Prefects Camp 2.jpeg