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Environmental Club


The objective of the Environmental Club is to develop Concordians with a strong commitment to improve the environment in our community. Our club is committed to environmental education and sustainable efforts for environmental improvement. 

All the programmes which are planned for our students are in alignment with Concord’s vision, mission, values and iGIVE Culture.  

We work together with our Environmental Partners such as NEA, South West CDC, SembCorp and PUB to create and carry out programmes that have positively impacted our students and community. 

Some examples of the programmes that we have carried out would be public outreach to educate the community on 3Rs and waste minimisation, prevention of mosquito breeding, litter-free environment and the importance of energy conservation. These programmes were well-received by the members of the public as they found them educational and enriching.

In 2017, Concord Primary School was awarded the Sustained Achievement Award. This award is given to affirm us for moving in the right direction in terms of our overall efforts in resource conservation as a school and environmental education. 

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