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Mrs Jerine Poh
Mdm NorhariatyMiss Aileen Tan Fei Ching  Mdm Lim Pei Geok Shannon

Innov8 is a new CCA in which students will be participating in various activities such as toy designing and creation, journalism and robotics. These will be done through four customized modules throughout the year via the 4E Approach – Exposure, Experience, Expression and Exploration. The activities designed will ignite students’ natural curiosity, develop essential communication, reasoning, creativity and critical thinking skills as they work collaboratively in groups. Through this kind of experiential learning, Innov8 also provides opportunities for them to take on different perspectives to solve real world problems creatively and an entrepreneurial dare to explore and take actions to improve the lives of others.  

Students work in groups to enhance their problem solving skills through games.

InnoV8 CCA.jpg

Students learn and apply their creativity thinking using straws.

InnoV8 CCA pic 2.jpg

Students represent the school to participate in toy-making at Sony Creative Science Award Competition.

InnoV8 CCA pic 3.jpg.png